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Default Issue with save

So, I'm replaying some classics and I ran into a problem with DK64. I've been using the in game save exclusively with the exception of a single save state where I saved right before the second boss. (I believe I saved under save state 1.)
Now, later that day I saved, all was normal. I had 25 bananas. The next day, I played some more. Everything loaded fine, I made it up to the factory, got up to between 35 - 40 bananas, saved and quit.
Now today, when I loaded up my game, I had nothing. No save files, nothing. All three spaces were empty. I played around with the settings a little, didn't change anything, just looked to see if anything said something about saves. Then I went over to save states, and loaded up my save state right before I fought the boss. Now, at the time I had 10 bananas, and when I exit then load my game now, it reverts to an in game save that I did a little while before, where I had 10 bananas. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but I'm trying to recover the save where I had 35 bananas, or at the very least the one where I had 25. Can somebody help? :/
(Also, if anybody has a save somewhere near the beginning of the Factory that I can use, that would also be much appreciated.)

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