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Old 8th December 2019, 03:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Frank74 View Post
My guess at what is wrong is you have Windows 7 or 8. Which likes to decide for you where things should be saved, instead of where the app that's running needs them to be. I call it a numpty f/up, a feature that f's everything up for everyone to help stupid people that can't install a program.

Try copying the install you have to another folder on the root of your drive, make sure to delete Config/Project64.cfg before running.
No, imma tell you whats stupid Take notes . Stupid is project 64 staff and testers not thinking and building a fully working program that has all the plugins built in . Its also stupid that they you idiots didnt atleast get a working plugin download for one of the biggest games even tell date pokemon staduim its stupid and lazy on your part cause if id had make this id atleast have the mind to put a fucking how to guide that actually fucking works and not send people looking to play pokemon stadium gameboy transfer pack on a fucking WILD GOOSE CHASE a damn sexy virgin pussy hunt. But the cherry ontop of that dumb stupid shiiit is that yall put that dumb ass 30sec attention whore "thank you project64" bullshit i fucking hate these new cry baby approval programers now days . now ban this acct trust me idgaf and i will not be back to check this.
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