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Old 26th December 2009, 08:17 AM
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Angry Controller Problems/Plugin problems/registry problems... Can anyone help?

Okay got my sister a USB connector which supports two N64 controllers in one connection and two N64 controllers for Christmas. She has no problem with it but I have a problem with the analog stick i.e. it's not as responsive as it should be
Tried messing with deadzone and range, got a bit more response but still not satisfactory
Tried switching the default plugin (jabo's) with Nrage 2.0 but it wouldn't work because I'm missing some registry file (MSCVR70.dll to be specific) - Fixed
Tried Nrage 1.83 instead but now it's telling me I don't have a controller plugged in when I'm pretty sure it IS. - fixed

So could anyone help me?

EDIT: Got the necessary registry binaries to download 2.0 and it's working now. I'm going to try using controllers with it. If it works fine and peachy I'll delete thread.

Now the emulator isn't taking input from the C buttons.

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controller, nrage, plugin, problem

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