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Default Controller Map issue

Hi, I have just started to use P64 on a MAME Cab install with 2 joysticks and 6 buttons per person.

I have started to play Mario Kart 64 US and seem to have an issue with controller maps. I haven't tried any other games yet as i am unable to get this one working.

When i go into the game i have to set the controller map every time as the default is no good to me. I have tried to save the mapping as a new file and then load it manually when i start the game but the save function is not recording all the joystick / button settinsg for P1 and P2.

Once the mapping is done I have tried Save Settings ( F5 ) when in the game but it dosn't seem to make a difference. Am i doing something wrong or does the controller map save function just not work?

I need the game to load with the right mapping as my kids will not understand what to do to play the game.
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