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Default thank you

i just give you money for you emulator because i very like you emulator and i install you emulator also in my tablet but i have 2 request:

first , it s possible to choise the sige of the fonts because it s very small
second , it s possible to use my moga pro in you emulator.

in my pc i use the beta but some time you emulator crash after play 4 or 5 games , i need to start again for play the game and when i quits you emulator when i start again it s not the last game already select

after that it s ok
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1. Not possible to change size of fonts.
2. That controller is for android only? Will be useable (probably), for the android version when controller support is added. I've heard it's on the todo list to add controller support.

Emulator crash after 4 or 5 games? Never does that here.
What is your OS and PC specs? Are you using PJ64 2.3 v210 latest release?

After End Emulation, last game played is not highlighted. I made an issue for it on Github already. https://github.com/project64/project64/issues/1157
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ok created some issues for this.

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thank you

you emulator are very good , and i hope you add the support plugin of GLideN64 because this plugin in you project64 are nice.

i use windows 8.1 and i use the but for me it s not a problem now because after i need to wait the windows for support project64 and i give money dont have this windows.

i launch Mario Party (EU) (M3) quit with f12 , launch Mario Party 2 (EU) (M5) quit with f12 and launch Mario Party 3 (EU) (M4) and i have windows to say project64 close

ps2: i found the problem , it s the pluggin glideN64 for the crash

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This forum keeps getting better and better
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