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Default PJ64 2.x versions not working.

Hi! I'm currently experiencing issues with most of the 2.x versions of Project64.
When using my preferred plugin, Jabo I get directx errors. Is there a way to fix this? I want to use the latest version due to the interface and updates, but I want to play it in fullscreen. Note I use Jabo because of speed, and I have a 3D Analyzer that helps me restore missing textures. (Though it probably doesn't affect it, problems started before this.) I appreciate any help!
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If you are using an Intel GPU,it disagrees with stuff like Jabo and (for example if anyone wanted emulation nostalgia) Dolphin Emulator v2.0 as well.

Even with my IntelHD Graphics updated to new drivers it still failed to get along with Jabo when I tested Super Smash Bros. to get elite performance on interpreter because of how well Jabo D3D can perform.
Such a shame he didn't release the source code ever,because it could be patched for Intel GPUs and also updated to render better and run even faster as well as access to higher D3D levels for greater performance improvements.

I wonder how GLideN64 would perform if there was a D3D version made by anyone that decided to make the attempt even though only Windows would benefit?
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Maybe you are missing Direct X runtime?
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