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Old 12th May 2012, 02:10 AM
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Post Some Analog Stick Controller Questions

I am using a Mayflash Wii Classic Controller To USB. I am using the latest version of N-Rage controller input.

My first question is what percentage of deadzone should I use for it? On the latest Jabo's Direct Input the default is 25%. On the latest version of N-Rage the default is 10%. What percentage of deadzone should I use if I want it to have the same amount of deadzone as if I were using an Nintendo 64 controller? Another question I have is what range should I use if I want it to be like a Nintendo 64 controller? Iv'e been using 100%. On N-Rage the default is 66% with a check on the box that reads "Real N64 Range". Should I check that or un-check that?

analog stick, controller, mayflash, usb, wii classic controller

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