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Old 15th February 2016, 09:56 PM
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Default Sudden issues after forced update

Hey guys so I have been using project 64 1.6 for ocarina of time, 007, mario, and now majoras mask. Besides from some random freezing in 007 and perfect dark, and banjo kazooee not working at all everything has been perfect.

So I had been playing majoras mask but my laptop was sleeping I woke it up to resume playing and was prompted by windows with a forced update either restart now or in 15 min the computer will restart and install said updates. Which is weird because I have no internet or wifi anywhere close to my house so I'm not sure how it got this update in the first place. I had already saved the game so I hit restart now. Well I go back after its done and it lost my game, not sure how they are saved, and to add onto frustrations when I try to start a new one it goes strait to the inn and glitches. Any advice?

I would go and trouble shoot it but the only wifi access I have is at the library so I like to have a little bit of direction before I go over there and figure this out.

Thanks in advance!
Old 16th February 2016, 04:48 AM
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Majora's Mask can break its own save files,it can primarily happen if you use savestates at least once.
It comes from how the owl saves work,I had lost my entire save more than once thanks to this issue.
Damn bird keep stealing my sword.

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