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Default Banjo Kazooie pause issue

Ok so I am running Project64 2.3 on a windows 10 machine. Im using basic all default settings. When I pause in banjo kazooie the screen is all messed up like this http :// i.imgur. com/0m2cSd5. png . I fixed this by downloading the 'e' version of the file and it works perfectly. My problem is I've played for 3 hrs and will loose my progress if I cant move my save to this new rom. I have tried myself and every time i try to load the save state I get a warning popup and it brakes the emulator. Can anyone fix this pause issue on the u rom I have or show me how to move my save to the e rom.

Thanks in advance for reading this and taking the time to reply
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It happens only with Jabo and v1.1 (Rev A) ROM.

Either switch to using Glide64 for PJ64, or use (U) v1.0 ROM.
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Avoid the 1.0 ROM because it has that yellow garbage when scenes come in through the jigsaw transition.

I know from playing on the actual N64 the behavior I remember is what you see from the 1.1 one.
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