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Default Bluetooth Xinput and Majora's Mask

So here's an interesting random issue. I can't tell if it's the fault of the nrage plugin or something else. I've tried a few different graphics plugins and the two audio plugins. No difference. I get lag in the opening title scene and the inventory subscreen in Majora's Mask USA version. I have no issues in OoT or the few other games I tested. My fps (VI's) drop from the 60 cap to around 30-40.

I found out it was my new Xbox One controller causing the issue when in testing suddenly everything ran smoothly and then went right back to slow when I turned my controller back on. It specifically has something to do with the bluetooth connection. If I plug in the same controller via USB the lag goes away. I have a basic Wifi/Bluetooth combo card in my windows 10 desktop. No Xbox proprietary dongle or any special setup. Intel i7, nVidia 970.
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Don't think this is an emulator problem
Originally Posted by dsx! View Post
are you american or something
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If it was a performance issue that affected more of project 64, I would certainly call it a driver problem, but why only one part of one game on one n64 emulator. This issue doesn't seem to apply to mupen64plus (m64p), but I don't like using that emulator as much and the packaged sound plugin sounds... off somehow. I haven't tried tinkering with it much.
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I had exactly the same issue. (xbox one controller, bluetooth)
Disabling the rumble pak in the nrage plugin solved the problem for me.
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