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Default No save/load shortcuts? Wtf?

Is there any reason why you can do a keyboard shortcut for EVERY SINGLE MENU ITEM EXCEPT SAVE/LOAD?

Literally, those are the ONLY functionality MISSING from keyboard shortcuts?

So basically if my game controller doesnít have a f5 and f7 key on it, I canít save or load?

But literally every other menu item, mostly ones you would NEVER USE on your controller, IS available?

Iím not even mad or disappointed, Iím just astonished. Someone went out of their way to prevent you from adding your own hotkey or virtual key to the save function. All I wanted to do was play a simple game where I can save and load the same part, and in order to do that apparently I need to put down my controller and go over to the keyboard behind the tv or install a third party key switcher (most of which donít even work for xinput controllers)

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You have to change the "CPU State" option first.
Originally Posted by dsx! View Post
are you american or something
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Default No save/load shortcuts Wtf

I think the save feature does not work correctly in the current version. When I press load button, the file loads and green light lits, but only a few switches change their position and the airplane is still mostly off.
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Default No save/load shortcuts Wtf

Thanks Dion
The Load Manager shortcut appears in the FSX Root FolderProject TupolevLMTu154B .....however it does nothing, it does not open the Load Manager.

Thanks for your help and I look forward to any other assistance you can give me.


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