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Old 17th December 2013, 04:46 AM
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Default How can I figure out which ROM my save goes with?

I've played through two different files on Ogre Battle, and I left it alone for over a year. Now I can't find my state saves, and my .sra file doesn't appear to be associated with any Ogre Battle 64 ROMs I have. Am I just doing it wrong?


The first things I checked were how saves work with the application. This is a .sra which means it's not a state save, it's a "cartridge save".

Then I checked to see that pj64 was checking the proper directory, which it is. It's checking the same directory where my save is located.

Then I checked to see if my folders were set to "read-only". It said in the manual that read-only will not work for saves at all, which makes total sense. My directory is writable.

Then I checked all of my non-Japanese Ogre Battle ROMs to be sure I wasn't just loading the wrong ROM. I checked and double checked (performed a search through the whole pc)

Here is my worry: I may have done some file sweeping through this directory, cleaning up some stuff like the .7z files from which I extracted the ROMs. I fear there may have been a "(E) [!]" file I was using unwittingly, and may have even deleted. Since the save is encoded with headers from the ROM, can I use this information to find out which ROM file I have to use?

Side note - I can't attach the .sra file here (invalid file type).
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