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Old 21st December 2017, 09:58 AM
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Sorry about delays,oldskool searches take FOREVER,some codes are my random search attempts so now you can keep the fire spit infinitely but only in areas with it available. (really trying to get item spawn/swaps working for the fire spit and trying to find something that makes fire spit always available and active)

Gex 3 - Deep Cover Gecko

Nearest Camera Distance
81004BA6 xxxx

Middle Camera Distance
81004BAE xxxx

Far Camera Distance
81004BBA xxxx

Frozen Camera
80005403 00xx
Allows you to even phase past where objects would be like the hub doors.

Button activator; (sadly an issue where D-pad is also used for walking just like analog with no option to disable it.
D00A6488 00xx
08,04,02,01=D-pad up,down,left,right

Disable Doorway Camera Angle
8000BB07 0001

Bouncy Camera When Idle
8000C8C8 0024

Machine Gun Fire Spits
800619DF 0000

Infinite Time Fire Spit
81061E3E 0000

TV Static Gex
D20A6713 0000
800A6713 00E0
D20A6713 00E0
800A6713 0020
Looks really cool! (activators are for fail-safe scenario/s)

Fire Spit Is "Jcrate B"
D1084A04 8034
81084A04 803B
D1084A06 B220
81084A06 41E0
Go to the Gangster level to access this cool object spawn and build massive box ladders.
(wished it was easier to swap objects globally with full actor data)
Use 8012_E160 on the 81 lines to clone Gex Gangsta models!!!
Don't over-do it because it perma-breaks the game where loading a save-state even starts with soft-locked game somehow.

Walk On All Fours
80044F6F 000C
80044F7F 000C
80045103 000C
8004511B 000C
800460D3 000C
Just a random code I looked for before posting this.

Frydo! Voice Over Sound Effects
8105A15C 2405
8105A15E 0843

Normal Walking Sound Mod
8105A1B6 xxxx
Better for simple sound mod instead of touching most sounds.

Pause Sound Mod
8105AF9A xxxx
0038=Boxcar Willy is my favorite hobo.
003B=Oh great~ Another snowboarding game.
003E=Now cut that out. *sniffle*
0048=Another Bug In My Gut

Unpause Sound Mod
8105AFD2 xxxx
The sound value placement is strange,the Lenny Gangster sound won't work on the pause mod but works here.
All of these should also work on the sounds mod above the pause mod as well.
0002=Lenny Gangster Getting Hit
0014=Lenny's Girlish Scream
0017=Lenny Throwing Crate
0036="Put your lips together"
0042=I'm outta order? YOUR outta order! This hole LEVEL's outta order!
0045=How 'bout I shove my foot up right up your- shoe...
004A=You certainly are a master spicer!
083F=Cut! Stunt Gecko
0848=Another Bug In My Gut

Alternate Pause Sound Mod
810D0A12 xxxx
Works on both pause and unpause.
10C6=Boxcar Willie is my favorite hobo.

Sounds and Music Mod
81065994 2411
81065996 00xx
Basically an "LSD the video game" vibe. Higher values get unstable and fail.
00=Stable From Title Sequence
01-1A=Should each be nice.

If you can handle interpreter speeds,try messing with this code on the main hub area for fun trippy music.

Gangsta Gex: "How 'bout I shove my foot right up your- shoe..."

Music and sound stuff was found,now I have to spend excess time to get it all together,because I can't just leave it after all the trouble I had from not being able to find it when I was actually looking for it earlier.

Many Sound Effects Are Instruments
8110B39C 800D
8110B39E E370
Excluding voice clips.
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Old 22nd December 2017, 03:34 AM
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Gex 3 - Deep Cover Gecko (U)

Assembly Music Mod
81066758 0C02
8106675A 4040
81090100 3C08
81090102 800E
81090104 250A
81090106 E7F4
81090108 2508
8109010A E370
8109010C 8D09
8109010E xxxx
81090110 AD09
81090112 0000
81090114 2508
81090116 0004
81090118 150A
8109011A FFFD
8109011C 0000
8109011E 0000
81090120 0801
81090122 A764
Use a value 0000-0480 to pick the instrument that replaces all others.
Every new area load allows you to pick different instrument choices via activator usage.
I could also make a stronger version of this code using exact address location values for instant relpacement of instruments.
Expect many variations of instrument types.
0000=Cool Guitar
0004=Mute Bass
0008=Another Mute Bass?
000C=Electric Guitar
0010=Powerful Electric Guitar
0014=Electric Bass
0018=Another Electric Guitar
001C=Distorted Electric Guitar
0020=Stubby Electric Guitar
0024=Whiney Electric Guitar (hard to explain)
0030=Two Note Electric Guitar
0034=Shifting Note Electric Guitar
0038=Another Electric Guitar
003C=Big Drums
0040=Short Drum
0044=Bass Drum
0048=Another Drum
004C=Intense Drums
0050=Trashcan Lid Drum?
0054=Wooden Block
0058=Another Drum?
005C=Barrel Drum Drum?
0064=Bassy Drum
0068=Epic Drum
006C=Cup Drum
0070=Marimba,But a Drum?!?
0074=Tribal Drum
0078=Another Improvised Drum
007C=Metallic Drum
0080=Banging Drum
0084=Bassy Metallic Drum
0088=Trebbled Metallic Drum
008C=Light Metallic Drum
0090=Louder Banging Drum
0094=Toy Drum?
009C=DJ Raspy Noise
00A0=Bass Guitar
00A4=Different Bass
00A8=Clanking Bells
00AC=E. Piano?
00B0=E. Piano 2
00B4=Plucky Strings
00B8=Robotic Spring
00BC=Phone Sounds?
00C4=High Pitched Instrument?
00C8=Distorted Instrument?
00CC=Hard Electric Guitar
00D0=Another Electric Guitar
00D4=Strum Electric Guitar
00D8=Strong Electric Guitar
00E0=Twanging Electric Guitar
00E4=Noise Distorted Electric Guitar?
00E8=Mute Electric Guitar
00EC=Low Electric Guitar
00F8=Another Tuba
00FC=Smooth Tuba
0100=Fading Tuba
0104=Horn Doots
0110=High Brass
0114=Big Drum
0118=High Hat
011C=Slow Cymbal
0120=Bassy Drum
0124=Big Plastic Drum?
0128=Hiss Drum
012C=Intense Drum
0130=Plastic Trash Bin Drum?
0134=Shakey Drum???
0138=Dribble Drum (just making up names at this point)
013C=Clanking Ricochet?
0140=Sputtering Drum
0144=Plastic Cup?
014C=? So many are too sophisticated to name.
0154=? Tons of percussion instruments.
015C=Pumpin' Drum
0160=Punch Drum
0174=Another Punch Drum
017C=Popping Drum
0184=Small Can Drum
018C=Computery Sound
0190=DJ Beat Riff
0194=Beat Riff and Drum
019C=Cool Bass Guitar?
01A0=Vibrating Space Noise
01A4=Strong Brass
01A8=Swanky Guitar Riff
01C8=Cool Drum?
01D0=Metal Clank Drums
01E4=Wind Instrument
01E8=More Bassy Drums
01FC=Big Bucket Drums
0208=Wood Block
0218=Tuned PLucky Strings
0220=Mute Bass
0224=Another Mute Bass
0228=Mute Bass Pluck
022C=Another Mute Bass
0230=Mute Bass
0234=Electric Bass
0238=Nice Sounding
023C=Big Bass Guitar
0244=Heavy Bass Instrument
0254=Weird Clacking Instrument
0258=Low Clarinet
025C=Low Piano
0260=Cow Bell
0264=Bass Thud Sound
027C=Toy Piano
0280=Another Plucky Bass
0284=Plucky Mute Bass
0294=Funny Tuba?
029C=Funny Horn
02A4=? Cool High Pitched
02A8=French Horn
02B8=Another Tuba
02BC=Soft Horn
02C4=Another Horn
02C8=? Most ?s are hard tofigure out percussion.
02D0=Another Tuba
02D4=Soft Tuba
02DC=Hard Cymbal
02E4=Good Sounding
02E8=Women Choir
02F0=Interesting Drum
02F4=Wooden Drum?
02F8=Different Strings
02FC=Clanging Metal?
0300=Strange Metallic Sound
0304=Soft Whistling
0314=Sounds Good But Can Hurt
031C=A Bird
0320=Longer Bird Chirp
0324=Another Bird
0328=Short Bird Chirp
0330=Nice Bird
0338=Different Oboe
0340=Different Clarinet
0344=Another Different Clarinet
034C=Big Bass
0350=Beat Drums
0364=Plucky Bass
0368=Epic Electric Guitar
036C=Decent Drum
0370=GoldenEye Style Electric Guitar Riff
0374=E. Organ
037C=Showy Horn
0380=Stylish E. Piano?
0384=Rattling Instrument?!?
0388=Different Rattling?
038C=Clashing Instrument?
0394=Rattling Drums?
039C=An Instrument From DOOM?
03A0=Midi Style Guitar
03A4=I think there is a lot of percussion.
03AC=Great Drums
03B8=Toy Piano
03C0=Large Plastic Drum
03CC=Fade-in Brass
03D8=Christmas Chimes
03E0=Impacting Drums
03E4=Intense Drums?
03EC=Low Strings
03F0=A Guitar?
03FC=Metallic Instrument
0408=A Voice???
0410=Quiet Instrument
0414=Different Clarinet?
0418=Another Special Clarinet
041C=A Saxophone?
0430=Cool Instrument
0434=More Drums
0438=Noise Maker Drums
0444=Strong Bass
044C=Another Piccolo
0450=Very Bassy Drums
0454=More Bassy Drums
0458=Plucky Bass
0460=Low Brass
0468=Alternate Strings
046C=Mute Guitar
0470=Bangin' Drums
0474=Powerful Drums
0478=Rythmic Drums
047C=Bassy Drums
0480=Drumset Cymbal

Instrument Sounds Mod
81066758 0C02
8106675A 4040
81090100 3C08
81090102 800E
81090104 250A
81090106 E7F4
81090108 2508
8109010A E370
8109010C 8D09
8109010E 0004
81090110 AD09
81090112 0000
81090114 2508
81090116 0004
81090118 150A
8109011A FFFD
8109011C 0000
8109011E 0000
81090120 0801
81090122 A764
810D1F50 yyyy
810D1F52 xxxx
00BB_1820=Wrestler Farting
Sorry for lack of values,luckily it doesn't have errors like it did when I changed the value while it was already playing audio,the code works fine.
Will also throw together a better all instruments sound mod later since address numbers work better than solid values due to no sound cutoffs aside from overlapped playback.

Jumping Makes Fart Sound
8110B620 00BB
8110B622 1820
How else does Mario jump though with the sound HE makes every time.
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Struggling with cold weather,hands keep getting irritatingly cold and numb.

Diddy Kong Racing (U) (V1.0)

The AI Cheats With Flying Cars
810E696A xxxx
AFAC=Boost Cheat Regret AI
B004=Flying Car AI

AI Planes Broken
810E6972 AF80
No flying.

AI Flying Hovercrafts
810E696E B004

Detuned Music
810E6DA2 3714

Logo Intro Plays Trophy Victory Jingle
811C457A 083A
811C457C 00A5
811C457E B518
Actually lines up nicely for the intro length.

Texture Corruption
8107AF44 240F
8107AF46 xxxx
Many values can cause breakpoints sadly due to texture and object limit bugs.
0004=Green Matrix
0034=Water World
0048=Map and Dirt
004C=Pointing Arrow Texture
0050=White Fortress Brick
0054=Glacier Water
0060=Candy Cane Land
0064=Igloo Wall
006C=Arrowed Floor
0070=Dirt and Grass
0078=Stone Plaster?
0084=Everything Barrels
0088=Smooth Sand
008C=Island Beach
0090=What game is this again?
0094=Metal Square Poles?
009C=Purple Thing
00AC=Beautiful Wood Fences
00B0=Cloud Puffs?
00B4=Very Yellow
00B8=Yellow Pupil Eyes
00BC=Wooden Box?
00C0=More water
00C4=More Cloud Puffs
00C8=Dirt Patches
00CC=White Cloud Bars
00D0=Well-textured Fortress Chunks
00D4=More Fortress
00E0=White Square Pattern
00E4=Red and Yellow
00E8=Stormy Cloud Puffs
00EC=Bright Window?
00F4=Compressed Painted Fence
0104=Grass World
0108=Light Green Grass
010C=Rocky Texture
0E04=U Turn

Edit: Found the 3D model stuff,hopefully will get that up and running in a code or two for fun character mods.

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Diddy Kong Racing (U) (V1.0)

Basic Image Modder
8100EF98 0C04
8100EF9A 4000
81110000 240E
81110002 yyyy
81110004 108E
81110006 0003
81110008 0000
8111000A 0000
8111000C 0801
8111000E 7E67
81110010 0000
81110012 0000
81110014 2404
81110016 xxxx
81110018 0801
8111001A 7E67
Need to set up a multi-phase version so all vehicle forms can be changed,though I think you get stuck when Taj changes you if images match between changing.
Also,modding Taj softlocks his change magic.
With this,you can use Diddy to play as a functional Wizpig visually!
yyyy=Image To Modify
xxxx=Image It Becomes
Values; (flakey values in some spots that freeze)
0001=Main Hub Skybox
0002-0010=Assorted Beautiful Skyboxes
0013=Diddy In Car
0014-0017=Lesser Detailed Diddy Cars
0018=Triangle Diddy Car
0019=T.T. In Car
001A-001E=T.T. Car LODs
001F=Bumper In Car
0020-0024=Bumper In Car LODs
0025=Tiptup In Car
0026-002A=Tiptup Car LODs
002B=Krunch In Car
002C-0030=Krunch Car LODs
0031=Timber In Car
0032-0036=Timber Car LODs
0037=Conker In Car
0038-003C=Conker Car LODs
003D=Banjo In Car
003E-0042=Banjo Car LODs
0043=Drumstick In Car
0044-0048=Drumstick Car LODs
0049=Pipsy In Car
004A-004E=Pipsy Car LODs
004F=T.T. In Hovercraft
0050-0054=T.T. Hovercraft LODs
0055=Krunch In Hovercraft
0056-005A=Krunch Hovercraft LODs
005B=Bumper In Hovercraft
005C-0060=Bumper Hovercraft LODs
0061=Conker In Hovercraft
0062-0066=Conker Hovercraft LODs
0067=Tiptup In Hovercraft
0068-006C=Tiptup Hovercraft LODs
006D=Banjo In Hovercraft
006E-0072=Banjo Hovercraft LODs
0073=Timber In Hovercraft
0074-0078=Timber Hovercraft LODs
0079=Drumstick In Hovercraft
007A-007E=Drumstick Hovercraft LODs
007F=Pipsy In Hovercraft
0080-0084=Pipsy Hovercraft LODs
0085=Diddy In Hovercraft
0086-008A=Diddy Hovercraft LODs
008B=Diddy In Plane
008C-0090=Diddy Plane LODs
0091=Intro Plane Diddy
0092=T.T. In Plane
0093-0097=T.T. Plane LODs
0098=Krunch In Plane
0099-009D=Krunch Plane LODs
009E=Bumper In Plane
009F-00A3=Bumper Plane LODs
00A4=Tiptup In Plane
00A5-00A9=Tiptup Plane LODs
00AA=Conker In Plane
00AB-00AF=Conker Plane LODs
00B0=Timber In Plane
00B1-00B5=Timber Plane LODs
00B6=Banjo In Plane
00B7-00BB=Banjo Plane LODs
00BC=Drumstick In Plane
00BD-00C1=Drumstick Plane LODs
00C2=Pipsy In Plane
00C3-00C7=Pipsy Plane LODs
00C8=Unused Bumper Empty Plane
00C9=Unused Bumper Empty Car
00CA=Bumper's Empty Hovercraft
00CB=Taj's Carpet
00CC=Gold Balloon
00CD=Silver Balloon
00CF=Party T.T.?
00D1=Conga-Line Taj
00D2=Golden Taj Head
00D3=Wizpig (any boss may freeze at some point when swapped out)
00D4=Cutscene Wizpig (can't play as)
00D6=Rocket Wizpig (can freeze when swapped)
00D7=Rocket Wizpig (one of these is the cutscene version)
00D8=Wizpig's Rocket
00D9=Wizpig's Rocket
00DA-00DE=Purple Things
00DF=2D Planet
00E0=Wizpig Spaceship
00E1=Tricky Boss
00E2=Shadeless Tricky Boss
00E3=Tricky's Son
00E4=Tricky's Daughter
00E5=Dragon Boss (can't use via Taj???)
00E6=Dragon Boss (one of these is a cutscene model)
00E7=Purple Pteradactyl
00E8=Bluey Walrus Boss
00E9=Bluey Walrus Again
00EA=Octopus Boss
00EB=2D T.T. Face
00EC=2D Blue Arrow
00ED=Sentient Snowball?
00EE=Sentient Snow Boulder
00EF=Yellow Dinosaur (sea creature?/in ground)
00F0=Lake Dinosaur
00F1=Sea Creature Head (spawn marker)
00F2=Another Sea Creature Head
00F3=Wooden/Sand Square?
00F4=Adorable Purple Whale
00F5-00F9=Assorted Gold Balloon Doors
00FA-00FD=Assorted Silver Balloon Doors
00FE=Sign of Red Balloon
00FF=White 30 Sign
0100=White 60 Sign
0101=Yellow 100 Sign
0103=Stone Wall?
0104=Air Zipper
0105=Zipper Arch
0106=Large Zipper Panel?
0107=Zipper Ring
0108=Large Rocky Platform
0109=Bumper Portrait
010A=Drumstick Portrait
010B=Krunch Portrait
010C=Pipsy Portrait
010D=Tiptup Portrait
010E=Krunch/Krash Balloon (BETA stuff!)
010F=Bumper Balloon
0110=Tiptup Balloon
0111=Timber Balloon
0112=Banjo Balloon
0113=Drumstick Balloon
0114=Pipsy Balloon
0115=Double-sided Round Shadow?
0116=Silver Balloon 1
0117=Silver Balloon 2
0118=Silver Balloon 3
0119=Silver Balloon 4
011A=Bumper Standing (Diddy R?)
011B=Timber Standing
011C=Tiptup Standing
011D=Rareware Logo
011F=Drumstick Frog
0120=Check Trigger
0121=Midi Fade Trigger
0122=Mode Trigger?
0123=Exit Trigger
0124=Bonus Trigger?
0125=The Game's Literal Camera
0126=White Arrow
0127=Blue Cube (CUBE! Defender of the Polyverse)
0128=Blue Sphere (Watch out for Sonic and friends)
0129=Bristled Blue Cylinder
012A=Blue Cone (the dreaded cone?)
012B=N64 Logo!
012C=2D Black Bar
012D=Cloudy Skybox (looks liike drawings)
012E=Diddy Select
012F=Triangular Electric Sparks
0130=Krunch Select
0131=Bumper Select
0132=Tiptup Select
0133=Banjo Select
0134=Timber Select
0135=Drumstick Select
0136=Pipsy Select
0137=Conker Select
0138=Party Banner Trees
0139=Lighthouse Rocket
0146=Red Spaceship
0147=Green Structure?
0148=Wizpig Spaceship
0149=Nintendo Stadium Wall?
014A=Wood Bridge
014B=Large Structure
014C-0156=Many Doors
0157-0159=Unused Boss Pedestals
015A=Wood Fencing
015B=Windmill Fan?
015C=Red Pyramid
015D=Purple Space Rock
015E=Trophy Container
015F=Small Yellow Thing?
0160=Another Wood Fencing
0161=Stone Fencing?
0162=Gold Fencing
0163=2D Marble Wall?
0164-0166=Wizpig Entrance Head
0167=Full Wizpig Entrance Head
0168=Another Full Wizpig Head
016A-016C=Wizpig Medallion Fragmented
016D=Wizpig Medallion
016E-0170=T.T. Medallion Fragmented
0171=T.T. Medallion
0172=Yet Another Wizpig Head (can't tell which is cutscene)
0173=Trap Pillar (Tricky race)
0174=Dirt Boulder
0175=Sentient Haystack
0176=Beta Pro-Am Hot Air Balloon!
0177=Another Wizpig Ship?
0178=Blue Wizpig Trophy 1st
0179=Red Taj Trophy 2nd
017A=Green T.T. Trophy 3rd
017B=Starry Skybox (its hard to play as this)
017D=Blue Barrier
017E=Red Barrier
017F=Green Barrier
0180,0181=T.T. Silver Doors
0182=T.T. Gold Door Half?
0183=Large Wood?
0184=Wizpig Door
0185=Zapped Effect
0186=Desert Greens Skybox (highest?)

Complex Image Mod
8100EF98 0C04
8100EF9A 4000
81110000 240E
81110002 yyyy
81110004 148E
81110006 0004
81110008 0000
8111000A 0000
8111000C 2404
8111000E xxxx
81110010 0801
81110012 7E67
81110014 0000
81110016 0000
81110018 240E
8111001A yyyy
8111001C 148E
8111001E 0004
81110020 0000
81110022 0000
81110024 2404
81110026 xxxx
81110028 0801
8111002A 7E67
8111002C 0000
8111002E 0000
81110030 240E
81110032 yyyy
81110034 148E
81110036 0002
81110038 0000
8111003A 0000
8111003C 2404
8111003E xxxx
81110040 0801
81110042 7E67
Values are above,only long enough to replace each vehicle of a player.
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Diddy Kong Racing (U) (V1.0)

AI Always Their Highest Poly Models
81013210 0000
81013212 0000

AI Highest Model Poly Level Mod
8001321F 00xx
00=Doesn't Work
01=Default (highest-poly AI)
02-04=Lesser Details
05=Lowest Detail

Highest-poly Racer AI Mod;

All parts must be enabled or it will break,use with above always highest for this code to work properly.
You will barely be able to tell the difference and the shiny part doesn't appear,its hard to tell but the models are a bit better looking.
This can also be copied for use as a much larger image swap code.

HD Racers Part 1 (cars)
8100EF98 0C04
8100EF9A 4000
81110000 240E
81110002 0014
81110004 148E
81110006 0004
81110008 0000
8111000A 0000
8111000C 2404
8111000E 0013
81110010 0801
81110012 7E67
81110014 0000
81110016 0000
81110018 240E
8111001A 0020
8111001C 148E
8111001E 0004
81110020 0000
81110022 0000
81110024 2404
81110026 001F
81110028 0801
8111002A 7E67
8111002C 0000
8111002E 0000
81110030 240E
81110032 0026
81110034 148E
81110036 0004
81110038 0000
8111003A 0000
8111003C 2404
8111003E 0025
81110040 0801
81110042 7E67
81110044 0000
81110046 0000
81110048 240E
8111004A 002C
8111004C 148E
8111004E 0004
81110050 0000
81110052 0000
81110054 2404
81110056 002B
81110058 0801
8111005A 7E67
8111005C 0000
8111005E 0000
81110060 240E
81110062 0032
81110064 148E
81110066 0004
81110068 0000
8111006A 0000
8111006C 2404
8111006E 0031
81110070 0801
81110072 7E67
81110074 0000
81110076 0000
81110078 240E
8111007A 0038
8111007C 148E
8111007E 0004
81110080 0000
81110082 0000
81110084 2404
81110086 0037
81110088 0801
8111008A 7E67
8111008C 0000
8111008E 0000
81110090 240E
81110092 003E
81110094 148E
81110096 0004
81110098 0000
8111009A 0000
8111009C 2404
8111009E 003D
811100A0 0801
811100A2 7E67

HD Racers Part 2 (hovercrafts)
811100A4 0000
811100A6 0000
811100A8 240E
811100AA 0056
811100AC 148E
811100AE 0004
811100B0 0000
811100B2 0000
811100B4 2404
811100B6 0055
811100B8 0801
811100BA 7E67
811100BC 0000
811100BE 0000
811100C0 240E
811100C2 005C
811100C4 148E
811100C6 0004
811100C8 0000
811100CA 0000
811100CC 2404
811100CE 005B
811100D0 0801
811100D2 7E67
811100D4 0000
811100D6 0000
811100D8 240E
811100DA 0062
811100DC 148E
811100DE 0004
811100E0 0000
811100E2 0000
811100E4 2404
811100E6 0061
811100E8 0801
811100EA 7E67
811100EC 0000
811100EE 0000
811100F0 240E
811100F2 0068
811100F4 148E
811100F6 0004
811100F8 0000
811100FA 0000
811100FC 2404
811100FE 0067
81110100 0801
81110102 7E67
81110104 0000
81110106 0000
81110108 240E
8111010A 006E
8111010C 148E
8111010E 0004
81110110 0000
81110112 0000
81110114 2404
81110116 006D
81110118 0801
8111011A 7E67
8111011C 0000
8111011E 0000
81110120 240E
81110122 0074
81110124 148E
81110126 0004
81110128 0000
8111012A 0000
8111012C 2404
8111012E 0073
81110130 0801
81110132 7E67
81110134 0000
81110136 0000
81110138 240E
8111013A 0080
8111013C 148E
8111013E 0004
81110140 0000
81110142 0000
81110144 2404
81110146 007F
81110148 0801
8111014A 7E67
8111014C 0000
8111014E 0000
81110150 240E
81110152 0086
81110154 148E
81110156 0004
81110158 0000
8111015A 0000
8111015C 2404
8111015E 0085
81110160 0801
81110162 7E67

HD Racers Part 3 (planes)
81110164 0000
81110166 0000
81110168 240E
8111016A 008C
8111016C 148E
8111016E 0004
81110170 0000
81110172 0000
81110174 2404
81110176 008B
81110178 0801
8111017A 7E67
8111017C 0000
8111017E 0000
81110180 240E
81110182 0099
81110184 148E
81110186 0004
81110188 0000
8111018A 0000
8111018C 2404
8111018E 0098
81110190 0801
81110192 7E67
81110194 0000
81110196 0000
81110198 240E
8111019A 009F
8111019C 148E
8111019E 0004
811101A0 0000
811101A2 0000
811101A4 2404
811101A6 009E
811101A8 0801
811101AA 7E67
811101AC 0000
811101AE 0000
811101B0 240E
811101B2 00A5
811101B4 148E
811101B6 0004
811101B8 0000
811101BA 0000
811101BC 2404
811101BE 00A4
811101C0 0801
811101C2 7E67
811101C4 0000
811101C6 0000
811101C8 240E
811101CA 00AB
811101CC 148E
811101CE 0004
811101D0 0000
811101D2 0000
811101D4 2404
811101D6 00AA
811101D8 0801
811101DA 7E67
811101DC 0000
811101DE 0000
811101E0 240E
811101E2 00B1
811101E4 148E
811101E6 0004
811101E8 0000
811101EA 0000
811101EC 2404
811101EE 00B0
811101F0 0801
811101F2 7E67
811101F4 0000
811101F6 0000
811101F8 240E
811101FA 00B7
811101FC 148E
811101FE 0004
81110200 0000
81110202 0000
81110204 2404
81110206 00B6
81110208 0801
8111020A 7E67
8111020C 0000
8111020E 0000
81110210 240E
81110212 00C3
81110214 148E
81110216 0002
81110218 0000
8111021A 0000
8111021C 2404
8111021E 00C2
81110220 0801
81110222 7E67
81110224 0000
81110226 0000

Also,here's potentially improved 60fps codes for both 1.0 and 1.1 as well.

DKR (U) (V1.0)

Sixty Frames
80079A28 0024
80079A2B 0002

DKR (U) (V1.1)

Sixty Frames
80079E78 0024
80079E7B 0002

Edit: Found another 60fps method and a solution for fixing frame drops caused by mixed pacing issues.

Sixty Frames (V1.0)
81079A20 2408
81079A22 0001

Sixty Frames (V1.1)
81079E70 2408
81079E72 0001

Always Smooth Pace (V1.0)
8106BCF0 2404
8106BCF2 0001
8007A983 0001
8107AB0C 2402
8107AB0E 0001
No pacing speedups,should be extra smooth.


Always Smooth Pace (V1.1)
8106BF30 2404
8106BF32 0001
8007ADD3 0001
8107AF5C 2402
8107AF5E 0001
Hopefully correct,seems to work okay.

Last edited by retroben; 6th February 2018 at 10:10 PM.
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Old 31st December 2017, 06:12 AM
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A change of games for a bit.

F-Zero X (U)

All Sounds/Songs Mod
810AAD48 2408
810AAD4A xxxx
This game uses streamed audio,the "sound effects" of an entire song are one big sound effect meshed together over time.
0000=Painful Tone
0004=Devil's Forest
0008=Bingo! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!
001C=Red Canyon
003C=Results Screen
0048=White Land
004C=Sector &
0050=Mute City
0054=Fire Field
0058=Port Town
0060=Menu Option Move
0064=Title Screen
0068=Mode Select Theme
006C=Race Starting
0080=Victory Jingle
0088=You got boost power!
008C=Yeah! The final lap!
0090=Big Blue
00A4=Song that lacks a level?
00BC=Way to go! Its a new record!
00C0=See you again! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
00C4=Too bad! You lost your machine!
00D0=All right! First place!
00D4=Funny Death Scream
00D8=Jody Summer/White Cat Death Scream
00E4=Record lap!
00E8=Watch your back!
00EC=Pour it on! You're right out in front! ???
00F8=You're going the wrong way!
0118=Yeah! First Place! (no music,just this voice every sound)

Title Screen Is Mode Select Music
800D3153 00B0
No demo plays,related to music script.

Different Mode Select Music
800D316F 00xx
A8=Options Menu

Title Screen Music Mod
80068E97 00xx
00=Mute City
01=Silence (the course)
02=Sand Ocean
03=Port Town
04=Big Blue
05=Devil's Forest
06=Red Canyon
07=Sector &
08=White Land
09=Fire Field
0A=Sector & ?
0B=Red Canyon Again
0C=White Land Again (is there unique touches for the 2's of each course?)
0E=Mode Select Song (makes demo not play due to music script)
0F=Options Music
10=Race Results
11=Victory Fanfare Leading Into Results
12=You Lost Your Machine Jingle
13=Failed To Place Race Results
14=Game Over?
15=Winning The Cup
16=Hidden Song???
17=Race Starting
18=Death Race

Mode Select Music Mod
80068EB7 00xx
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Old 4th January 2018, 10:03 PM
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On top of having a lot going on,my hands get really badly cold in winter months which numbs them out with pain,making it near impossible to get codes in a timely fashion.

I am deeply sorry that I haven't been able to post codes for such a long while.
I just can't stand losing several days worth of codes I could've been finding for even more fun things to do in games but my hands like to cause trouble.
Not sick at all,no cold or flu or extreme weakness or anything,just darn cold handed-ness.
I heard its supposed to be 16 degrees soon,so another frigid day coming up for me to further hinder me from making codes to post.

I am trying to find some gloves that both keep my hands warm and allow me to move my hands freely while wearing them,wish me luck.
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Old 6th January 2018, 07:50 AM
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Super Mario 64 (U)

Longer Text Boxes
812D9870 2408
812D9872 000B
812DA5C4 2405
812DA5C6 000B
812DA6A4 240A
812DA6A6 000B
812DA7F0 2404
812DA7F2 000B

Audio Override
81318DD0 2418
81318DD2 xxxx
Causes fun music remixes but also mutes sounds effects.
10=Mario Theme
18=Grassy Levels
20=Peach's Castle
28=Aquatic Levels
30=Desert/Lava Levels
38=Bowser 1 and 2
40=Snow Levels
48=Slides/Koopa Races/Tick Tock Clock/Rainbow Ride
50=Big Boo's Haunt
58=Piranha Plant Lullaby
68=Course Select Jingle
70=Flight Cap
78=Metal Mario
80=Forboding Message
88=Bowser Levels
90=Course Record
98=Boo Go 'Round
A0=Race Start
A8=Star Appears
B0=Boss Battles
B8=Key Collected
C0=Endless Stairs
C8=Final Battle
D0=End Credits
D8=Puzzle Solved
E8=Dear Mario,
F0=Prologue Theme
F8=Bowser Defeated
0100=Peach Appears
0108=File Select
0110=Lakitu Confronts You

Sound Effect Override
81318B3C 2403
81318B3E xxxx
00=Yoshi,Flips,and Ground Pound
08=Walking Effects
10=Water Sounds
18=Electric Fuzz and Sliding
20=Entrances Doors and Warps
28=Outdoors and Creaking
30=Freaky Mix (Bowser,MIPS,Laughing,Cannon)
38=NPCs and Enemies
40=Mario Voices!
48=Cool Menu Sounds
50=More Mario (chaos edition style)
58=Cool Instrument Mix
60=Guitar Drums and Odd Sound
68=Banjo and Whistling (plus drums)
70=Peach's Castle Instrument List?
78=Good (don't exit level with pause)
88=Part Of Grassy Instruments
90=Intense Instruments
98=Strings (don't pause exit)
A8=Underground Instruments
B0=Course Select Choir!
B8=Piano,Guitar and Strings
C0=Mixed and Epic Sound
C8=Varied Theme Instruments
D0=Trumpets and Strings
D8=More Trumpets Strings
E8=Organ and Windy Voice
F0=More Strings
0100=Trumpet and Strings
0110=Grassy Level Lead Instruments
0118=Peach's Castle
0120=Panflute/Slide Whistle?

Sounds Swapper
8131914C 2411
8131914E 00xx
01=Voice Clip Insanity
02-0B=Weird Sound Swaps

Collectible Interaction Mod
8132D954 8024
8132D956 xxxx
DC28=Star Grabbed
DE4C=Entering Big Boo's Haunt
DF10=Warp Point
E0C4=Opening Door Warp
E420=Normal Opening Door (usable)
E6EC=Cannon (traps you)
E778=? Collision
E7D4=Tornado Spin
E8F0=? Misery Scream
E9D0=Gust of Wind
EAD8=Real Fire Burning Butt
EC54=Enemy Damage
ED84=Oonagi Damage
EE44=Bully Pushing
EFF8=Zapped Damage
F170=Another Damage
F1E0=Alt Common Enemy Hitbox
F354=Common Enemy Hitboxes (Goombas,can jump on)
F4AC=Spiny Damage
F55C=Piranha Plant Damage
F5CC=Breakable Box? (use ground pound)
F6A4=Koopa Shell
FA60=Owl Talon Grab
25_0198=Signs/Pink Bob-ombs (hint:change the 8024 to 8025)

? Interaction Mod
8132D95C 8024
8132D95E xxxx

Star or Boss Key Collected Interaction Mod
8132D964 8024
8132D966 xxxx

BBH Dive Interaction Mod
8132D96C 8024
8132D96E xxxx
DF10=Warp Point
E0C4=Opening Door Warp

Warp Point Interaction Mod
8132D974 8024
8132D976 xxxx
Like warp pipes and the bowser level holes.
DE4C=BBH Jump Warp
E0C4=Opening Door To Warp

Warp Door Interaction Mod
8132D97C 8024
8132D97E xxxx
DE4C=BBH Jump Warp
DF10=Warp Point (skips keys)

Normal Door Interaction Mod
8132D984 8024
8132D986 xxxx
FD2C=Grabbable (bypass stars needed)

Cannon Interaction Mod
8132D98C 8024
8132D98E xxxx
Simply useless because anything you could do to it won't reach outside of the hole the cannons are found in.

?? Interaction Mod
8132D994 8024
8132D996 xxxx

Tornado Spin Interaction Mod
8132D99C 8024
8132D99E xxxx
EE44=Bully Push
F6A4=Koopa Shell

??? Interaction Mod
8132D9A4 8024
8132D9A6 xxxx

Gust Interaction Mod
8132D9AC 8024
8132D9AE xxxx
E7D4=Safe Tornado Spin

Fire Interaction Mod
8132D9B4 8024
8132D9B6 xxxx
E7D4=Tornado Flames
E8F0=Pain (can jump out of it in midair)
EE44=Bully Fire
EFF8=Damageless Shock
F6A4=Koopa Shell
FA60=Owl Grab

Snifit Pellet Interaction Mod
8132D9BC 8024
8132D9BE xxxx

Underwater Damage Interaction Mod
8132D9C4 8024
8132D9C6 xxxx
EAD8=Ineffective Fire
EFF8=Electric Eel

Bully Push Interaction Mod
8132D9CC 8024
8132D9CE xxxx
EAD8=Burning Bully
EFF8=Zapping Damage
F6A4=Koopa Shell

Electric Shock Interaction Mod
8132D9D4 8024
8132D9D6 xxxx
E7D4=Tornado Shock
EAD8=Burn Instead
F6A4=Koopa Shell
FA60=Owl Grab

Different Damage Interaction Mod
8132D9DC 8024
8132D9DE xxxx
Unsure what uses it.

Chain Chomp and Bubble Damage Interaction Mod
8132D9E4 8024
8132D9E6 xxxx
DB2C=Free Coins
F8BC=Climbable Chain Chomp

Lakitu and Vulture Interaction Mod
8132D9EC 8024
8132D9EE xxxx
F8BC=Climbable Vulture (hard to do)
FA60=Owl Grab

Common Enemy Hitbox Interaction Mod
8132D9F4 8024
8132D9F6 xxxx
Goombas for example.
F6A4=Koopa Shell

Piranha Plant and Bowser Damage Interaction Mod
8132D9FC 8024
8132D9FE xxxx

Climbables Interaction Mod
8132DA04 8024
8132DA06 xxxx

Owl Interaction Mod
8132DA0C 8024
8132DA0E xxxx
FA60=Default (owl grab)

Breakable Box Interaction Mod
8132DA14 8024
8132DA16 xxxx

Small Koopa The Quick Interaction Mod
8132DA1C 8024
8132DA1E xxxx
F6A4=Koopa Shell

Koopa Shell Interaction Mod
8132DA24 8024
8132DA26 xxxx

Spiny Damage Interaction Mod
8132DA2C 8024
8132DA2E xxxx
F354=Spiny Badge

Metal Cap Interaction Mod
8132DA34 8024
8132DA36 xxxx
Possibly all caps instead of just metal.
F6A4=Koopa Shell (why?)

Signs and NPCs Interaction Mod
8132DA44 80yy
8132DA46 xxxx
24_F6A4=Koopa Shell
24_FA60=Owl Grab
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Old 4th February 2018, 09:08 PM
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Hello retroben,
Thank you for all theses codes.

Diddy Kong Racing USA (v1.0) :

When I enable "Always Smooth Pace (V1.0)", I get a diddy kong logo + blackscreen with sea music on Mupen64 (60fps code activated also)

Is there a possibility for a v1.1 port of this code also?

Finally, for Mario Kart 64 (USA), I only managed to get the 60 fps to run properly in 1P, not 2P+, is there a fix or a code for it yet ?

Thanks again !
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Old 6th February 2018, 08:44 AM
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For the 60fps on Mario Kart 64,you can use Sean Sullivan's pacing codes from a long while back as perfect timing for my 60fps code.

One Player 60fps tempo:
810015C4 240F
810015C6 0001
810015C8 240F
810015CA 0001

Two Player 60fps tempo:
81001A38 2409
81001A3A 0001
81001A3C 2409
81001A3E 0001

Three and Four Player 60fps tempo:
81001C90 240A
81001C92 0001
81001C94 240A
81001C96 0001

Tempo codes by Sean Sullivan.

As for Diddy Kong Racing and the V1.1 thing,I can try to see if the code/s can be improved to avoid any lockup issues.
(strange,Mupen {at least I know on Android} tends to work better than other N64 emus for this and another 60fps hack because it normally doesn't freeze or hang as much if at all)

Diddy Kong Racing can however hang from the banana collecting sound in certain scenarios like when hanging back near the other racers whilst collecting bananas,otherwise it can randomly freeze on boss races scarcely if you have to retry too many times,and there is an audio stuck glitch that can play an unending sound in a really long gameplay session.

I don't know how to repair these issues but at least the game runs mostly okay,certainly better than Conker's Bad Fur Day and its immediate demise on 60fps from audio bugs,failing dance animations and other such things I would like to see patched up by a Conker expert who has the skill to hack out the problems.
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