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Question Why Emulation?

Hello there your not going to believe this, but I got refused service at a game store, quite literally for asking if there was a way to “legitimately play 360 games on a PC” When he asked why, I said because 360s are poorly built machines. With that he said poor choice of words, then hung up (more on that later). Similar encounters have led me to believe that emulators are somewhat controversial, and not everyone wants to here about them.
So to get a less biased (yes I know that’s debatable) response I’m asking you why you use emulators, as for me I’m a retro gamer which means new games piss me off especially ones with harsh DRM, and I like the idea of my old favorites being immortalized on PC. So what do you think about emulators?

Also please visit my “Please explain” thread I’m trying to become a more advance user

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