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Default Blender-compatible model extraction

The ability to dump all models/textures currently in memory to a folder full of Blender-readable files.
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What's so special about Blender? I couldn't get it to work on Linux without installing a bunch of KDE things I think.

Texture-exporting is pretty abundant nowadays. If you want 3-D modeling data exported, a common text-based format is VRML which should be sufficient for 3dsmax, Blender (most likely) and others. I'd rather it be that than some binary-encoded format Git couldn't parse just so it would be Blender-specific and unique only to that reader. As for VRML, it's abundant enough that Lemmy's Nemu64 Direct3D plugin supports exporting to it, but I think that's it.
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The only reason I mentioned Blender is because it's free, and pretty widespread. I'll have to look into that VRML format, thanks!
One file format that the people at models-resource tend to use is the Wavefront obj file, which a lot of programs natively support.
Is that plugin available for download anywhere? I've tried Googling, but all I find is stuff about the Nemu64 emulator.

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