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Originally Posted by retroben View Post
That might be the N64 texture cache limits,meaning they hooked together more than one texture and that is the end-result.
You would have to hope this isn't the case.

Disabling the dithering filter would probably still help greatly for visual clarity and better depth.
A long while back,I had this 3D depth problem using Glide64 Android via Mupen with GLES2 on a FireTV box,and it had some awful pixel dithering of its own potentially caused by Android in this scenario,but if GLideN64 was used,the depth was so much more crisp as that dithering effect (Android-related) was no longer there.

So...what game/s in particular do you want the filter removed for at least the dithering part?
Yes I think you are right, they are putting together several textures.
And if the bilinear filter is applied to each texture it causes GFX errors.

I would suggest to start with Doom 64 and Killer Instinct Gold.
Both would benefit greatly without filtered textures.

About the dither filter, do you mean turning the VI filters off?
Doom64 and Killer Instict Gold do not use most of the VI filter.
Doom64 is running in 32bit depth and does not need a dither filter anyway.
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