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Old 9th April 2010, 07:31 PM
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Default I am begging. Goldeneye control problems.

Hmmm. Im playing Goldeneye with Project 64 v1.6, N-rage... v 1.83.

I've been trying to get the controllers to work, but whatever i do the mouse and keyboard get switched.

I want the mouse to only look around and the keyboard keys to be the ones making Bond walk around.

Ive been trying everyones cpf files(from the controller file thread), but still the mouse is making bond walk around and look around, the keyboard keys only look around.


Im not familiar with any of these programs so please, step by step. Thank you. (PS! last time i got this right, which was clearly a lucky strike, was 3 years ago. Now, when downloading and using over 2 hours on the controls, i dont get anything right.)

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