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Question Perfect Dark - mouse input

I was doing some google search and happen to stumble upon some talk about Perfect Dark and got me interested to start playing, I never actually finished the campaign as I didn't own the game myself (played at my cousin) and we mostly played the multiplayer.

Anyway, while I grew up with console gaming I can't stand the damn controllers especially for some titles like FPS games, Perfect Dark and Golden Eye being the most prominent. I tried it with the mouse but the mouse movement is too fast and too slow in some situations so I was thinking if anyone else has tried it and could help me out with the input? I'm not exactly new to the emulator but I've mostly played Zelda, some Mario game etc.. where complex input is not needed.
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Well there is some plugin somewhere for this...I'll look for it

Edit: Meh, can't find it D:
Originally Posted by dsx! View Post
are you american or something

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