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Old 11th November 2018, 06:58 PM
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Default Super Mario 64 - Can't use "first person view"

I'm super impressed with the quality of emulation I'm able to get for this game - graphics are perfect, controls are working great, etc! The only issue I've had so far is, unfortunately, a game breaking one... I'm unable to hit R and use the C-stick in the "first person view", meaning that I can't get the wing cap to progress in the game. I can hit R and move the camera, but the C-stick will not allow me to tilt the camera so that I can look up!

If I can't fix this, I'd like to at least figure out a way to cheat and get the wing cap and associated star... level select will bring me to the wing cap level, but it places me above the pit instead of above the tower, so I just fall to my death :P So I'm still trying to work out a better solution.

I'm running versio, by the way, and my ROM is the US version of the game.
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