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Old 29th June 2011, 01:27 PM
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Question glN64 framedrop and questions


I recently read this thread:

I've always tried messing with Jabo's D3D plug-ins to get those textures to appear. The same goes for shadows under objects with Mario64. Thanks for suggesting the glN64 plug-in, it allows these to be seen now (I only tested Mario, but assume OoT's dirt patches will show)!

Issue with the glN64 plugin for me though -- I have a Intel GM45 (mobile chipset) on my laptop and I get some odd frame drops in Mario64. Periodically get jumps that go down to 45fps. With glN64 it doesn't seem quite smooth from frame to frame in OoT even though I get a nearly consistent 60fps. I have tried v6 of Jabo's D3D plug-in but that doesn't fix the shadow/texture issue.

Do you have any suggestions on other plug-ins to get these games more compatible? Is the slowdown with the GL plug-in due to my integrated graphics? For the most part, the GM45 does pretty well and can handle or at least run/render somewhat taxing games.


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