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Old 2nd August 2017, 01:54 PM
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Exclamation Mario Kart 64 Music crash and Deubug Alert

I use Project64 2.1, because MK64 crashes not as much as in newer versions.
I hacked Mario Kart 64's Music with SM64 Editor.
It works just fine until I want to open the Charakter select screen.
If I do that, the Game just stops working. Project 64 doesn't say anything
it's just a black screen for ever.

If i wan't to go to the Options a message pops up that reads:

wxWidget Debug Alert

.\src\common\string.cpp(1187): assert "c < 0x80 failed in
wxString::FromAscii(): Non-ASCII value passed to FromAscii().

Call stack:
[00] ProcessRDPList
[01] ProcessRDPList
[02] grDrwaVertexArrayContiguous
[03] ProcessRDPList
(up to [20])
Do you want to stop the program?
You can also choose [Cancel] to supress further warnings.

Yes No Cancel

If i press Yes or Cancel only two of thoose pop up until i get to the options, but if i press No, a hole bunch of them pop up. (Not at once).

It would be nice if someone would explain me, what i have to do in simple steps...
I'm a game programmer not a prgramm-plugin-stuff-programmer...

Thanks for the help, if i get some
P.s. sry for my english. I can understand it perfectly but my english is trash...

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Old 2nd August 2017, 06:11 PM
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Try using the PJ64Glide64 from the latest version. Just copy it into your PJ64 2.1 Plugin\GFX folder, overwrite the old one.

The error you're getting is from the older Glide. wxWidgets was removed in the later versions.
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Old 2nd August 2017, 06:21 PM
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Thanks for the fast answer. It helped a lot!

Yes, the Option think does now work, and i'm thankfull for that,
but my hacked MK64 still crashes.

Your a genius, so could you help me with that too?
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debug alert, mario kart 64, music problem, wxwidgets

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