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Unhappy Issue with ground textures

On zelda and sm64 (may be others but it's all I play)
Things on ground shadows holes paths bowser power waves ect don't appear unless lpoking straight down.
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Talking YouTube is your friend

Youtube solves the problem.

https: // www . youtube . com / watch?v=P5wvbTe1ZfA

Sry, you have to copy it and take away the spaces, cause of PJ64 Forum stuff

You can even see in it, if he has the same Problem. But, the Humor is in my Opinion a bit painfull...

It's very common with Project 64.
If you have other Problems, you should search Youtube first.
Most of the commen problems are covert there.

But, i would like to know a way without another programm...

P.s. sry for the bad english...
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