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Lightbulb I random idea

I got a random idea.
I was thinking of Steam OS and Linux and how much it sucks, even though I'd never tried it, instantly turning me into a hater.
(Hahah, laughs.)
Then I got an idea,
what it the Pj64 Dev Team made a Linux Distro based around Pj64, a full emulator-only OS.
Like, if the N64 had a boot menu/bios when you'd boot it up like the dremcast/psx, just it's PC only and whatever.
Though I do understand how it'd have to be rewrote for Linux, but I don't care.
Just imagine starting up the OS, and seeing a high quality N64 logo pop up with 'Get N' or get out!' below it, and a smooth, clean UI that lets you select what game to play. (How would we get games though? a USB flash drive? or maybe a game center app? Hm. If they do make a game center, then they could also make a SDK.)
With this, not only would it simply be more simple, and clean, but it would also allow more use of a PC's hardware, which could mean better performance for lower end machines.
This also would mean you would use more of the system's power to focus on emulation, allowing for better graphical and sound emulation.
Of course doing this would cost time, and make the developers want money, but who's to disagree that this would be awesome?
I mean, think of steam big picture, just with N64 games.
Lets not forget this could even allow for texture packs be easier to access and share.

Tell me what you think?

Edit: Have you ever seen a post that you posted years past and just thought "Wow I was insane?"

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