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Old 7th July 2017, 05:59 AM
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Default Zilmar refuses to adopt GLideN64 and he's extremely obtuse about why (here is why!)

I am a supporter of GlideN64 and like the work they are doing but I do not seeing it getting added to project64 any time soon. I know they have been making leaps and bounds accuracy-wise and yet I still am not using it and instead going with a fork of glide64. Even tho according to some Glide64 is a crumbling pile of hacks that should have been shelved a decade ago.

I did look at the option to add GLideN64 as additional option that users could use, even if was not the default. Two major reason stop me adding it as an option.
  1. It is extremely bloated, the plugin is like 10mb, which is like double the rest of the emulator.
  2. The build process is horrible, after spending a couple hours trying to build I gave up. I did not want to add all the crap needed to build it to my build machine. (https://github.com/gonetz/GLideN64/w...ource-(Windows))
Now talking about the default plugin. When I first added glide64 the plan was to replace Jabos video plugin. I do not want Jabo's plugin being used, most cause it is closed source and can not be fixed.

But glide64 just never worked as well for me on my computer and from other people I talked to that was the same, so I did not want to make the default usage worse. For the 2.4 release I do plan to have glide64 as the default (forked as Project64-video, to stop any brand confusion).

the other point, why use glide64 as a base and not gliden64 (the names are so close, brand confusion). Why even have my own video plugin.

If i just focus on the emulator and leave the gfx to some one else, what I did back in the early days, leaving all the gfx to Jabo, then I could just use GLideN64 build it as part of the build step and move on. But if I want to actually work on it and move in a completely different direction then this causes problems with doing it on someones else's project.

My focus I want really to be on the ability for LLE, I would like to see perfect LLE video possible from the plugin, like what angrylions one does, but this I want for testing, not really for end users. Forking GLideN64 and doing the work there just causes more fragmentation and does not really help. Things like Higher system requirements as well I do not like, I can live with if I have to but I prefer to try it getting working on lower end machines (which may not be possible). The other thing with having my own fork/gfx plugin in is that I can have better integration with project64. The plugin will be designed to just work with Project64 I do not have to worry about breaking compatibility with other emulators.
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