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Old 29th March 2009, 10:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Squall_Leonhart View Post
Come talk to me when you develop a system to project a 3D image directly into the brain.
Sorry but that sounds highly impossible because you're eyes are already doing that which means you would have to remove them and then insert something else that connects your brain directly to different 3D capable video or imaging hardware such as a 3D capable PC monitor or a 3D capable TV, otherwise you can only get 3D through indirect means such as using some type of 3D glasses.

Originally Posted by Thunder View Post
But how it can be saw with original colors and 3d?
because its too pink for me

Are you using the ColorCode 3-D glasses with yellow/brown and blue lens filters, as pictured here,

If you're using the ColorCode 3-D glasses then make sure that the yellow lens is placed to be seen through the left eye and that the blue lens is seen through the right eye.

or are you using normal anaglyph glasses with red and cyan filters, as pictured here,

If you're using red and cyan glasses then the 3D effect won't work because the images I posted are not processed to work with red and cyan filters.
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