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Old 10th July 2017, 01:37 AM
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I have some performance examples with GLideN64 of scaling at an excessive multiple of resolution such as 8x (albeit in a smaller 1024x768 window) that shows a type of place where it needs to be optimized.

This example can be compared to my issue post for Android rendering fullscreen at even a mere 4x multiple of resolution from the following issue post from around a year ago...


Here is both at an excessive 8x multiple (just to test) of Banjo-Tooie in front of a fire torch in the Treasure Chamber's top entrance within Mayahem Temple like I did on Android.
Take note these are in Sync mode since Async runs even better now but still kinda lags so I thought Sync would be a better example.
Tests are done on "GLideN64 rev cd8783b" which is at least newer than the public release.

The first image is at a distance showing the object tested and its running pretty decently from it being 8x scaled.


This next image below is the performance (look at GFX) when zoomed into that single fire torch.


A whopping 79% usage on GFX due to how a multiple scale of resolution impacts the performance.
Granted,this is caused specifically by blending which is done via shading.

With even the fastest settings on enabled frame buffer like disabled video card buffer copies to N64 and even with color buffer swaps using Recompiler (although without either cache setting enabled) it gets pretty slow by going a few frames below 30fps in a simple spot when zoomed into that single fire torch.
When disabling framebuffer and torturously getting back to the area,it doesn't cause any lag at all when zoomed in. (neither does legacy blending)

It probably gets much slower with the 60fps code (8007913F 0001) active.

I will likely test again with a later build of PJ64 like I should've used to begin with to be more relevant,but I was requested to post these images in particular.
Also should've got results with Async in pictures,but it was decent at a distance and only around 40% GFX usage when zoomed in,so conveniently cutting usage in half though still slowing down a little just below 30fps.

Edit: Forgot to say that it reaches almost exactly that same amount around 81% usage on Async and 84% on Sync when viewing the large section of Hailfire Peaks (Icy Side) from in front of the oil rig ledge,the most natively laggy part of the game I could find.
Making it not copy video card buffers to N64 has it at 70-77% usage.


So,that tiiiiny single fire torch object has the same excess usage as a massive area being viewed at a great distance.

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