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Default Glide64 "Napalm" WX 1.22 Problem

On Project 64, when I install the Glide64 "Napalm" WX 1.22 plugin, I cannot save the wrapper settings. When I go to configure the graphics plugin, and click on "Wrapper Settings" I am supposed to be able to adjust the full screen resolution. However, anything that I adjust under "Wrapper Settings" does not save. When I go to play a game, the settings are not saved, and when I go back to "Wrapper Settings," it reverts back to whatever it was by default, which is "640x480 32bpp 60Hz." The same issue happens with the checkboxes, and regardless of whether or not "Custom ini settings" is checked. I can't even find this "Custom ini." I am running Windows 10 under VMWare Fusion 7 on Mac OS X El Capitan. How could I fix this issue? Do I have the wrong wrapper? When I try to use a different "glide3x.dll" file, Windows tells me that Project 64 has stopped working.
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