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Unhappy Unwanted Info (Help)

So, I've just recently started using PJ64, and I'm a little baffled by an issue, I'm not sure if there's a "fix" but. I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me hide or get rid of the information bar that sits in the bottom portion of my screen while I play, The one that gives you the time aswell as "Emulation started" and then additional info as you play, I would greatly appreciate someone's help I searched through the settings as best I could I didn't muck with the important sounding things as I'm not a programmer. Thanks in advance.

TL;DR This info bar shows up near the bottom of my screen and it's really bothersome please help me hide it or get rid of it.
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Default I'm an idiot..

Apparently I fixed it.. dur Sorry to post this <3
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Default How did you fix this?

I'm a noob and having the same issue. Can't find the setting to turn off this status bar notification.

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To remove the "Emulation Started" that pops up, go to the folder where you installed Project 64. Inside the "Lang" folder right click the "English.pj" file and open it in notepad. (Unless you're using a different language). Towards the bottom of the text, change the line that says:

"Emulation Started"
" "

and save it.

If you still get a blue box with the time when you load a rom, switch the graphics plugin to Glide64 so you can uncheck the option to show the time under Configure Graphics Plugin. I did this and switched back to Jabo's plugin. The time and blue box stayed gone even though Jabo's configuration didn't have an option for it. Figured I'd post this in case anyone was googling the heck out of this like me
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