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Old 23rd March 2009, 07:46 AM
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Default 3D Support For PJ64! It's not what you think. There's a better option for the 3D.

I Will Include Important Updates In This Post!

**** New Update! 5/02/09 ****

Scroll down to the end of this post for the latest updates!


"ColorCode 3-D"

DreamWorks promises that the 3D quality will be better than ever before using Intel InTru 3D and ColorCode 3-D, which updates the old red-blue Anaglyph system. The ColorCode 3D system is a new patented 'cost efficient system' which gives full color reproduction and works on all display types (TV, CRT,LCD and LED)

ColorCode 3-D is sometimes confused with Anaglyph since it uses colored filters in the ColorCodeViewer, however the encoding process is entirely different from the Anaglyph system which is more than 150 years old. The ColorCode 3-D image appears essentially as an ordinary color image with a slightly increased contrast and with distant or sharp edged objects surrounded by faint haloes of golden and bluish tints. When viewed through a ColorCode Viewer the haloes disappear, the color balance is reestablished, and the image is seen in 3-dimensions.
Currently there are two different ways of making your PC games work with this 3D effect and they are either by downloading the old Nvidia 3D stereo driver which would be version 174.76 but it only works for users who have Nvidia graphics cards, or you can download the new iZ3D 1.09 driver which works with both ATI and Nvidia graphics. The drivers mentioned can be found through the following links:

NVIDIA 3D Stereo Driver 174.76

iZ3D driver 1.09

When you're done installing one of the two drivers then you need to adjust the anaglyph settings in the driver's options to enable a pure yellow color to be displayed on the left side and a pure blue on the right. The settings part can be a bit confusing but the internet can help you there. Once you're done with adjusting the settings then you simply put on your ColorCode 3-D glasses and then start up your favorite PC game to play it with the ColorCode 3-D effect!

The problem is that PJ64 doesn't seem to recognize Nvidia's 3D drivers while most PC games don't have this issue. I haven't tried the iZ3D driver with Project64 yet but I assume that it's not going to work if Nvidia's driver doesn't even work. I will try it though when I have the time.

If anyone has a pair of those ColorCode 3-D glasses lying around from the Superbowl handout then I strongly suggest you folks use them to have a look at some of the examples of pics that are using the ColorCode 3-D format, on this site http://gallery.me.com/csvendb#100424...=mosaic&sel=18.

If you don't have the glasses, then you can find them for pretty cheap on this site http://www.3dstereo.com/viewmaster/gla-cyb.html.

Here are some example pics where the pop out effect is really incredible because these pics are specifically made to work with the ColorCode 3-D format. If you have the glasses then it might make you gasp a bit you if you're new to this.

The snake's pop-out effect in this image is simply amazing IMO, because the snake itself appears to realistically pop-out far through the screen and hover above the text as you're reading it!



Update! 03/26/09

I was able to find an interesting video clip example on www.youtube.com of PC gameplay where the player is actually using the ColorCode 3-D effect with the game.

Left 4 Dead on PC being rendered with ColorCode 3-D,
"Left 4 Dead (PC) DeadAir level1 - 3D colorcode (superbowl glasses) - iZ3D driver 1.09"

It's basically set up the same way I use it on my PC except I use Nvidia's 3D driver and that guy uses the iZ3D driver.


Update! 03/27/09

I present LoZ MM rendered with photoshop in ColorCode 3-D! Enjoy!

original 2D image, left angle only,


This definitely gives an awesome preview for my idea! Even I was surprised at first on how real or life like the depth looks especially with the trees and the fence in the distance.


Update! 03/29/09

3D with brighter colors,

If you don't have the glasses then don't let the messy colors misguide you in judging the quality because you'll need the glasses for the colors to make sense. Also the reason the 3D image is very bright is because the glasses make everything darker so the picture needs to be brighter than normal in order for it to be seen properly when wearing the glasses otherwise it would look too dark.


Originally Posted by Hubert View Post
Could you get photoshop to display that image as a normal stereogram (the one where you cross your eyes, not diverge)

I've a feeling photoshop can't properly create a 3D image. Because it's from a single screenshot, none of the angles from the parallax displacemet will be in that image, so, although it can make hill seem to be in the distance and those pillars up close, they're going to appear as billboards - they won't have any depth in themselves. Just like earlier 3D movies
Could probably explain that better. Here's a pic from Call of Duty


Cross your eyes so both frames diverge into one. You can put a cyan filter over one and red over the other if you want to try it with glasses
It's subtle in this picture, because I didn't take 2 pictures all that far apart, but there is depth to the actual buildings themselves
I guess I should have explained how I made my 3D image. I actually took two separate pictures from different camera angles within the game itself which can be a little tricky if the game doesn't allow sensitive camera movement so what you're actually seeing with that 3D picture of Link I posted was created with a pure 3D method, and then I merely converted the image to display into ColorCode 3-D format.

This is an example of a normal stereogram of the 3D picture I converted. You'll need to slightly blur your vision until you see three pictures aligned horizontally and then you'll need to focus on the center image to see the 3D illusion.

The other method of conversion you implied about is using a single screenshot or image when converting to get a 3D illusion which does actually work but the result is not realistically portrayed in 3D.

Here's two examples to clear up the difference:

This 3D image is the same one I posted above and I created it using two different angles,

This one was created using only one angle, so if you have the glasses you'll notice that the illusion is there but it's not realistic.


Update! 4/20/09

Apparently, my suggestion of using the iZ3D driver with PJ64 works!

At least that's what this guy says on page five of this thread:

Originally Posted by Porsche911C View Post
Hey uh... I'm not sure if anyone's figured this out yet or not but... I just downloaded the iZ3D driver and it works perfectly with PJ64. It's pretty sweet! I can post a screenshot if anyone wants.
His PC specs and settings:

Originally Posted by Porsche911C View Post
Windows Vista 32-bit
ATI Mobility Radeon X1300
1.8GHz dual core Intel

PJ64 settings:
Jabo's Direct3D8 with all standard settings

iZ3D settings:
When you install the driver, just install it for DirectX. When it's done installing set it to "Enable Stereo" and then "Anaglyph" and then "Yellow/Blue."

If you want any more specs let me know.
3D! Wooohooo!


Update! 5/02/09

There appears to be an issue when using the iZ3D driver on Windows Vista 64-bit that prevents access to the user switching process in Windows but according to the developer's site they are working on fixing it:

Originally Posted by Exposed
Originally Posted by BlackQ
Using Windows Vista 64-bit Ultimate with ATI 9.2 graphics driver.

When attempting to log off computer, or switch to another user, the computer exits to a black screen (where it should be the Windows logon screen).

This requires a manual restart. I read others were having the same issue as well. Any workaround?
ok - we confirmed this just few minutes ago - it is bug in injector mechanism. Can go around it by disabling driver before log off or user switch. We'll try to cure it before release.
If anyone is experiencing other problems with using the iZ3D drivers then I would suggest they browse through the developer's forum in the drivers section for answers or solutions.

Last edited by pj64u000; 3rd May 2009 at 10:50 PM. Reason: New Update! 5/02/09
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