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Unhappy I have no sounds in PJ64 2.0

I have a problem with my emulator where the sounds randomly disappear. I was playing The Legend Of Zelda Majora's Mask, and instead of saving ingame (using the owl statues) I mostly save my games with F5, then load them with F7. Sometimes when I load a save, the sounds disappear, and when I try a different save, that one's normal.
When I start the game itself in the emulator the sounds are still there, but when I load my current save, the sounds are gone again. Now for Zelda, if I save ingame (using owl statues instead of F5), close and start my emulator again, then start the game manually the sounds are back, fortunately.
But with Rayman 2 on the other hand... I can't make an ingame save, even if I'm in the Hall Of Doors, chose a Memory Pak in the Controller Plugin configuration, I still can't save. I have no other saves and I don't want to play soundless... Could anyone help me? Both with the lost sound and saving Rayman 2. I am desperate. : (
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Savestates (f5/7) are not reliable and known to break things, your save is broken at this point and there is no way to fix it other than starting over.
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are you american or something
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