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Originally Posted by nicohvc View Post
It should be very nice play mario kart 64 or diddy kong racing via IP
Kaillera servers had a lot of latency problems...
It will be possible in the future? a long long time, in a galaxy far far away ? ?

Like.. ZSNES netplay by IP
it should be cool
You can play games on project64k via IP; you just use p2p kaillera
Isai's SSB video place: youtube.com/MevseC
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Thx! i found that right now but... not in kaillera.com :S
I can't put the web because I am newbie in the forum. Need more posts

Why wwPOINTkailleraPOINTcom say that his kaillera last version was made at 2002 ?! What I am doing wrong? hmm well I will try to force my friends to help me test this new kind of online playing (?)
(yeah bad english)

See you and thanks sooo much
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IIRC the original of developer of Kaillera went MIA. Much newer deviations of clients are bundled with some verisons of Mupen64++.

yes site you meant is http://www.kaillera.com
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