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Old 5th July 2013, 05:24 PM
adamLaughlin adamLaughlin is offline
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Default (N-Rage) Feature Request: Sensitivity Modifier

Hey folks, I can't stand switching DPI on my mouse whenever I enter aiming mode in Perfect Dark. At 50% mouse sensitivity (under Devices tab), it's an unhappy medium - still too slow while running and way too fast while aiming.

It's barely playable at a single DPI setting.

I realize you guys have sunk months of man-hours for little to no compensation on this project, so I'm uncomfortable even calling this a feature *request* when we both know my mouse has, like, 40 DPI settings.

But if imperfection should trouble your vanity...

I'll make you a deal. You guys add a sensitivity setting to the Configuration modifier, and I'll work on a method of sending hugs via USPS. We will trade.
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