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Old 9th November 2009, 06:05 AM
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Dude this is amazing! I mean there's always some room for me to criticize here or there because I used to do graphic work, but this stuff is really good. You can really tell that you are passionate about this. And to be honest, to show passion in your art is rare, let alone to be able to express it within the extremely narrow confines of a texture pack! Ok, so enough crazy rambling from the weird guy...A++ man!

The only thing that I wish were possible is to increase the polygon counts. We can spend all this time bringing the games to HD quality yet as soon as you see your character their head is shaped like a box. Oh well, I guess we'll never be satisfied lol.

Originally Posted by rswedlow View Post
The closest thing personally I ever initiated was a cleaner texture mod for Gauntlet Legends. What you show in this thread reminds me of what I had dreamed.
Hey rswedlow how you been?! Long time no see (sorry I haven't been on much). So....you initiated a texture mod for Gauntlet legends? I thought that game was unplayable by every emulator out there....did I overlook one somewhere? I sure hope so!
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