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Angry hires texture pack driving me nuts!

Hello guys

I've been trying to figure it out since yesterday and this is making me insaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane

Here's my problem :

I downloaded the very last Project64 version (and THANKS for the adwares btw it was a real pain to remove)
I downloaded a Majora's Mask rom
I downloaded Djipi Cellpack (=2 .dat files)
I downloaded the Glide64 plugin

I installed Project64...

I placed Glide64 plugins in the plugins/gfx folder and the wrapper with project64.exe...

I set up glide64 correctly I guess...

I start Project64 in admin mode + compatibility for Windws 7 sp1

I placed the .dat files in the Textures folder
And also in Textures/cache folder that I created
and also in plugins/gfx/hires_texture folder that I created...

AND. IT. NEVER. WORKS. It either crash at start if I don't run Project64 in compability mode, or it just doesn't load the textures and goes for the normal ones. I swear this is bad for my health.

Does anyone know what could possibly be wrong? PLEASE?!
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wat kin of crash?
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Here is my error :


CN64System::EmulationStarting: Exception caught
File: .\N64 System\N64 Class.cpp
Line: 258"

Oookay so I managed to fix the thing. Not really sure how tho since I simply removed a folder and put it back there at the exact same place with the exact same content and exact same name.

I'm just gonna say everything I did if someone search the error and tries to get answers

1. The error report I pasted up there means you have to start project64.exe in compability mode; I personnally use windows 7 SP1
2. I also start it with admin rights; apparently it won't load textures without it
3. I followed what is said on that topic
emutalk.net/threads/54569-Glide64-not-loading-texture-packs (can't post links yet I'm too "newbie")

and somehow, it worked

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ntcore com/4gb_patch.php

remove the space, i can't post links, patch your .exe with that and you'll beable to use the texture pack, the issue is you cannot use more than 2GB of RAM, and the texture pack plus the emu need more than that.
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glide64, hires

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