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Old 21st September 2017, 04:43 AM
SqualoRx SqualoRx is offline
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Default pokemon stadium 2 with gliden64 start screen bug

Question about project 64 with gliden64 (both of them on latest version), when i play pokemon stadium 2 the screen that ask me to press start and the next screen (where you can choose battle, event and white city) are broken, the game works fine, but that 2 screen are broken. The funny thing is, i already played that game before on the same emulator and with the same plugin without this bug, and if i go in and out of full screen the image gets back to normal. Does anyone know how to fix this? it doesn't make the game unplayable but it bothers me everytime i start the game.
PS: sorry for any english mistake, english is not my first language.

edit: screenshot of the problem

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Old 15th October 2017, 11:00 AM
Osakasama Osakasama is offline
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I'm having this too. 2D graphics are broken with GlideN64 lastest public version.
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Old 21st October 2017, 08:38 PM
Melonyculu Melonyculu is offline
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Default pokemon stadium 2 with gliden64 start screen bug

Good job, works OK

One thing: if you managed to select a set, you still have to click one more time for them to disappear. No big problem, but maybe automate that? Trigger an event to hide them?
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bug, graphic issue, pokemon stadium 2

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