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Old 13th June 2013, 03:18 AM
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Default Majora's Mask Game help with debug rom

Hi guys, I'm just lookin' for some little help or advice.

I'm currently playing Majora's Mask (U) rom, almost completed the game, I'm just missing one heart quarter, I've already tried to do them all over again (to get them) but I still can't find it. I've got the Debug rom, it works fine with 1.6 for me, all I just wanted to know is that if there's anyway to use the debug rom (since you can check the in-game programming) to see which heart container is missing. To check code, I dunno... anything that could help? I hope you guys can help me with this! Anything helps!

btw sorry for bad english, not my main language

debug, help please, majora's mask, rom, zelda

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