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Angry Can't adjust plugins

So I was busy on project 64 with super mario 64 and accidentally loaded a save file from a different game, no biggy. So I close it out and try to reload project 64 but now all of a sudden when I try to load a rom, it tells me plugins have not successfully been initialized. I try to adjust this by going to options, but the settings for the plugins have been grayed out so I can't interact with them. I even tried going to the settings tab for other plugins but there aren't any options I can choose for them. Is there a way to fix this or do I have to uninstall PJ64?
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Make sure the very first thing you do when you open pj64 is check the plugins, also post a pictures if you can. If you really do have to uninstall pj64 just make sure to copy your save files and you should be good.
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are you american or something
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this is what I see in PJ64, all of the options are blacked out on image 1, and I can't adjust any plugins for the settings on image 2

also if I uninstall PJ64, will the roms still be compatible for when I reinstall it? (I don't care too much for the savestates)
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Default Cant adjust plugins

idk why but i cant use any plugins. i was able b4, but now i cant. i just connected my clipzip to pc didnt deleted any file and now every time i try to use plugins it says "cant open" and the dir of the rocks. help
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