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Default Load a state takes minutes

Hi to all I hope you're good !

I have a problem with pj64 2.3.2 when I save or load a state it takes soooo long !

Especially when I load a state with F7, it's wrote "Total of textures saved to HDD" but it's thousands, sometimes more than 6000 and it can take more than 1 min I think each time I load

I've ever seen that with Cemu and WiiU games but I guess it shouldn't take that long for a N64 game ( I play a lot Majora's Mask )

I hope you understand the problem I'm not coming from an english speaking country, sorry if it's a bit broken

thanks for your help
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Options > Advanced >Uncheck Compress Save States
Originally Posted by dsx! View Post
are you american or something
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