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Old 12th September 2011, 07:20 PM
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Question Getting GameShark code to work - No Mercy

Hey all,

I'm trying to get my CAW wrestlers params maxed with the gameshark codes.
I haven't played No Mercy for years so I can't remember how it works.

Anyhow, i'm using the following codes.

Character Creation Codes
Offensive Strength: Max Head 801F4F3C 0032
Offensive Strength: Max Body 801F4F3D 0032
Offensive Strength: Max Arms 801F4F3E 0032
Offensive Strength: Max Legs 801F4F3F 0032
Offensive Strength: Max Flying 801F4F40 0032
Defensive Strength: Max Head 801F4F41 0032
Defensive Strength: Max Body 801F4F42 0032
Defensive Strength: Max Arms 801F4F43 0032
Defensive Strength: Max Legs 801F4F44 0032
Defensive Strength: Max Flying 801F4F45 0032

I've added them into the cheat menu
in P64. I've enabled them (first I tried all in one go, then i tried one by one)
but my params still decrease in the game and I can only use the 10 points
provided in the first place.

I've looked around for different codes and i've only found these;

81150282 0005
81150284 0005
81150286 0005
81150288 0005
8115028A 0005
8115028C 0005
8115028E 0005
81150290 0005
81150292 0005
81150294 0005

From this website > AHH I can't put an url, so um, google "phillip grayson no mercy" and its the first hit. <
But I don't want to try them incase they're not legit codes and break it (the warning about using only NTSC on NTSC etc for codes in the cheat help).

Oh, the other codes do work - like unlimited money (it puts it to about
65,000? You can't afford the Ho in char section of mall?) etc

Any help appreciated

Old 19th September 2011, 01:51 AM
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After looking at that page, I'd say it's possible that the writer forgot to include things like if some codes are affected by other codes. You also don't need the enable codes for the GameShark system in the emulator.

If you have a different release build (tagged as "V1.0", "V1.1", etc.) than what the person tested when writing those codes that could totally offset their effect as well.

cheat, code, gameshark, mercy

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