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Default Low fps?

Hi I'm new to this website but I've been using Project 64 for a while.
I have version 1.6 and usually games run normally but sometimes the fps goes low and the game gets slow and it's really annoying.
I don't think it's my video card since I have a good one and I can run new games on it.
It doesn't happen a lot but I was playing Ocarina of time today and it dropped to like 14 and kept freezing. Also it's ALWAYS like that with DK64. It drops down to 30s and 40s but it's supposed to be at like 60.
Whenever I play it it get's slow and sounds bad.
I have the default plugins Jabo.
Is there anything I can do to make it run normally? Do I have to download anything?
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Did you change any settings yourself?
Things like the RSP mode interpreter can shift from full speed to much less like you described.

If it's not RSP settings, unless somehow you changed the RDB for those multiple games, it's specific to your system.
You should know what your graphics card is though before you rule that out. People keep saying it runs this PC game (not emulated either) just fine, but that evidently doesn't have to do with the issues it's causing with an emulator.

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