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Default help with save files?

So I downloaded a save file for Ocarina of Time, but I don't know how to play it. Can you help?
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Depends on the save, if its a game save, put it in the native save folder (default: Save) for PJ64 and load the ROM. If its a state, you may not have much luck on getting to load, but that should be the same folder.

If you don't have the ROM, don't ask for it here or from anyone here. Google might help you or something in that aspect.
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If the save is megabytes in file size it is probably not a native save...like those that you can download from the main public site which are much smaller.

Native saves may load automatically when named correctly based on the emulator and in "Project64\Save", but save states can be loaded from any folder through Project64 by the System, Load... command.

Save states are never loaded automatically, but if they are also named correctly and in "Project64\Save" just hitting F7 loads.

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