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Default Frontend control by gamepad

Is there a frontend for Project64 that could be controlled by a gamepad? I use Project64 on a HTPC and is it very bulky to have a keyboard in addition to use programs.

If there is nothing available, it would be a suggestion for future releases.
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pj64 does have gamepad support....
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And may I ask, how to use the WinGUI with the joypad?

Or is your answer missleading? Off course does Projekt64 support joypads, but my question was: does the FRONTEND (GUI) support joypads? And if not, is there a frontend which does?
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i would recommend simply not using PJ64's gui at all on an HTPC - the command line support and pre-configuration should be enough to allow it be launched from a proper frontend.
anything we do to the gui is never going to be as good for an HTPC as an HTPC frontend.
what we do need to do, is improve frontend compatibility.. although i have already used pj64 for several years with GamEex quite successfuly (and i know many other gameex users use PJ64 also).

edit: if you want to be able to navigate the gui in fullscreen with a gamepad... not sure how easy this will be to add.. is it really necessary?
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Ok, that was, what I was looking for: GamEex seems to do all the things, which I expected!

Thanks for this tip!
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check out MAMEWAH.....it's awesome! You can use it as a front end for multiple emulators, pretty much customize everything in it and you can control it with your gamepad. I you do and need help setting it up, check youtube for mamewah setup. It's a 3 part video I created to help people learn how to setup mamewah.

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