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hey folks, i'm back from my christmas skiing holiday in Bulgaria - there wasn't a lot of snow but enough to have fun! hope you all had a good break too.

Sorry about the site being down or partly broken some days, this is because we just tried to move to a faster server and the provider pulled the plug without warning, so I think we're back where we were for now! so no need to report site problems for a bit thanks.

Now the important news, i've been talking to Zilmar quite a bit and as promised for the new year he's got some great things lined up for Project64.exe, it's been a while but build 46 should be along fairly soon as a general cleanup of 45, and planning ahead for build 47+ to resolve as many of the bigger issues in the tracker as possible. of course the unexpected can happen but I have faith that when zilmar gets a break good work will follow and wanted to let you know it's very alive If you want to let us know what you think are the most important "big" things to fix next, or perhaps what are the most annoying bugs in Project64 app to you, now would be a good time to use the App Suggestions, member forum.

Looks like the post below was sucessful and Adaptoids should soon be available again.
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