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Old 27th August 2014, 10:42 PM
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Default Too easy!!!

I just found the animation mods!

Sub-actions might be the real actions,just broken because of animations staying the same.

Animation Mods

Neutral Attack
806E4537 00xx
Some appear stuck,but can get free by jumping.
Nothing,means it never changes animation.
04=Stand and turn motionlessly
05=Turning Slip
06=Forward Sliding
07=Sitting Paranoid
0A=Begin Crouch (gets stuck/don't use)
0C=Turning while crouched
0D=Exiting Crouch
0E=Backflip (combine with sub-action 3E for actual backflip!)
0F-10=DK Final Neutral Attack
12=Same 0F
13-15=Diddy Spring Jump
16=Simian Slam Roll (delayed)
17=Simian Slam Impact (delayed)
18=Stronger Slam
19=Stonger Slam With Roll
1A=Long Jump
1B=Normal Jump
1C-1D=High Falling
1F-20=Roll (bounced on enemy)
21=Chimpy Charge Ducking
22=Diddy High Falling?
23=Different Per Character
24=Weird Backflip (gets stuck)
25=Weird (stuck)
27=Death Animations
28=Before High Falling?
29=Drowning from last hit
2A=Hot Sand/Lava Death??? (most involve sinking)
2B=Pick up barrel
2C=Put down barrel
2D=Throw barrel
2E=Holding Barrel
2F=Walking w/ Barrel
30=Jumping w/ Barrel (causes final neutral attack)
31=Throwing Rock?
33-35=Neutral Swimming on Surface/Underwater
36=Slow U/w Swim (doing the worm)
37=Breast Stroke (gets stuck)
38-39=Nothing (stuck)
3A=Surface Swimming
3B=Nothing (water graphics appear)
3C=Walking (stuck)
3D=More Swimming (stuck)
3E=Final Neutral Attack
40-41=Same as 3E
42=Orange Glow Attack (cool! It actually hurts enemies!!! Doesn't cost anything.)
43=Airborne Attack
44=Walking Attack
45=Various Attacks Each Kong
47=Throw Orange Bomb!!! (actually happens!!!)
48=Chimpy Charge Animation
49=Chimpy Hit Wall
4A=Puts Away Gun
4B=Takes Out Gun
4C=Gun Stuff?
4D=Takes Out Gun (can't shoot until jumping)
4E=Breaks The Game (larger shadow and Chunky crashed it)
4F=Don't Use This "Where Does This Block Go"
50=Gun Jump
51=Holding Gun
52=Z-Targeting Movement?
54=Shoot Ammo (only one shot at a time)
58=Landing With Gun
59=Take Damage Animation??? (stuck)
5A=Instrument Animation!!! (not killing enemies,can get hurt,pause buffer to fix blackness)
5B=Celebration Dance!
5C=Same Dance For Challenge (stuck)
5D=You Failed! (gets stuck when animation completes,jump before it ends)
5E=Minecart Sitting
5F=Minecart Lean Right (stuck)
60=Minecart Unlean Right
61=Minecart Lean Left (stuck)
62=Minecart Unlean Left
63=Weird Sitting (stuck)
64=More Minecart
65-66=Tiny/Lanky Sliding
67=Tiny/Lanky Slide Damage?
69=Hanging On Vine
6A=Climbing Up Vine
6B=Climbing Down Vine
6C=Vine Hang Again
6D-6E=Vine Jump
6F=Jump? (from tree?)
70=Holding Onto Tree (stuck)
71=Climbing Up Tree
72=Climbing Down Tree
73=Holding Onto Tree
74=Final Neutral Attack?
75-76=Hanging Off Ledge
77-78=Moving Along Ledge
79=Climb Onto Ledge (stuck)
7A=DK Minecart (hurry up!)
7B=Don't Use (crashes emu)
7C-7D=DK Minecart Rail-Swap?
7E=Don't Use (crashes emu)
7F=Weird Ducking
80=Don't Use (crashes emu)
81=DK Minecart Jumping
82=Don't Use (crashes emu)
83-84=DK Minecart,Hurry Up!
85=Weapon Get!
86=Battle Arena Stances
88=Potion Drink (gets stuck when completed)
8A=Please Pick Me!
8B=You're Picking Me? (funny)
8C=Not Picking Me
8D=Don't Use (where dose blok go)
90=Floating About Until Disappearing From Existance (gets stuck permanently)
96=Same As 90
97=Don't Use (crashes emu)
9A-9E=Nothing,9E Crashes
9F-AA=Nothin,AA Crashes
B0=Diddy Jetpak Aiming as DK (crashes game when Diddy???)
B1=Crashes Emu
B2=Nothing,B3 Crashes Emu
B4=Diddy Jetpak Flying (nothing when Diddy?)
B5=Nothing (Diddy crashes)
B8=Nothing (Diddy crashes)
BA=Nothing (Diddy crashes)
BB=Nothing unless Diddy (attacks?,Lanky crashes) [specific character only???]
BC=Same with Lanky (maybe Tiny crashes)
BD=Diddy Simian Slam???
BE=Tiny Kickflip (DK farts smoke)
BF=Lanky Simian Slam
C0=Various Each Kong (none crash,Chunky does nothing)
C2=??? (Diddy crashes)
C3=Diddy Simian Slam (again?)
C4=Tiny Flipping Stunt,Chunky Ate Bananas (stuck,perfect when Chunky Model changed to value 2D)
C5-C6=Nothing,C6 crashes
C7=Chunky Holding Something In Water?
C8=Tiny Holding
C9=Lanky Holding
CA=Diddy Holding
CB=Lanky Simian Slam (again?) Chunky Disappears From Existance
CC=Chunky Simian Slam
CD=Chunky Scared
CE-D0=Nothing (Diddy crashes)
D1=Diddy Simian Slam (why?) Lanky:WTF? Tiny Disappears From Existance
D2=Diddy Holding (again)
D3=DK Holding
D5=DK Simian Slam,Diddy:WTF?,Lanky Disappears From Existance
D6=Lanky Simian Slam,Tiny Is A Seal!,Chunky Disappears From Existance
D7=Diddy:WTF? (stuck),Lanky Crossed Arms,
D8=Tiny Kickflip,Chunky Ate Bananas
D9=Diddy Swimstroke (stuck after complete),Variety
DA=Lanky Holding
DB=Tiny Kickflip,Chunky:WTF?
DC=DK Gun,Diddy Squished,Lanky Punch,Tiny Bomb,Chunky Primate Punch
DF=DK Holding (again?),Diddy Disappears From Existance
E0=DK Disappears From Existance
E2=Tiny Pulls Out Gun,Chunky Disappears From Existance
E3=Tiny:WTF?,Chunky Simian Slam
E4=Tiny:0///0,Chunky Holding
E5=Tiny Holding,Chunky Disappears From Existance
E6=Chunky Simian Slam (again?)
E8=DK:WTF?,Diddy Gets Shocked?? (Armor-Dillo),Lanky Crashes,Tiny Hand On Something???,Chunky Squished
EC=Kasplat Hits Tiny (stuck)
ED=DK Dances And Flips Endlessly (can jump out)
EE=Kasplat Hits Chunky (Tiny crashes)
EF=Kasplat Hits DK,Diddy Dances And Flips Endlessly (jump),
F1=Kasplat Hits Diddy,Lanky Dance And Flips,
F3=Diddy Crashes,Kasplat Hits Lanky,Tiny Dances And Flips,
F4=DK Crashes,Diddy Hanging Onto Tree,
F5=DK Getting Shocked,Chunky Crashes
F6=Tiny Rolling?,Chunky Kickslide?
F7=DK Holding Barrel?,Diddy Weird Dance,
F8=Lanky Crashes,Chunky Jamming Out?
FA=Diddy Different Jam?,Lanky Squished
FB=Crashes,Lanky Long Jump
FD=Diddy O_O,Lanky Crashes,
FE=Lanky Weird And Sinks,
FF=Tiny Stunt
In terms of each character having a different animation per slot,you will just have to see the differences yourself.

Neutral Attack Cont.
816E4536 0xxx
0100-0101=Nothing Interesting
0102=DK Potion With Light,Diddy Looks Around,Tiny Crashes
0105=Tiny Crashes,Chunky:WTF?
0106=Diddy's Death,Tiny Rolls?
0107=Diddy Crashes,Tiny Potion Light
0109=Tiny???,Chunk Slam
010B-0111=Nothing Interesting,Crashes
0112=Diddy/Tiny Potion Light
0114=Lanky Potion Light,Tiny Crashes
0117=Chunky Is The Small Dragon That Gets Squished To Death???
011E=Tiny Bent Too Far,Chunky Crashes
011F=Tiny Fell Down,Chunk Slam
0124=DK Potion Light
0125=Tiny Scared?,Chunky Weird Punch
012A=Crashes,Lanky Looking Around
012B=Crashes,Chunky Potion Light
012C=Diddy Potion Light,crashes
012D=Crashes,Tiny Potion Light
012E=Diddy Dance,Lanky Potion Light,Crashes
012F=Diddy Bows
0130=Lanky Bows
0131=Crashes,Tiny Bows
0132=Crashes,Chunky Bows
0134-0135=Crashes,Diddy Potion Light,Lanky Broken LOL,Crashes
0136=Crashes,Chunky Potion Light
0137=Diddy Slide
013A=DK High Fall,Crashes
013B=Crashes,Lanky High Fall
013C=Crashes,Chunky High Fall
013F=DK Airborne Attack,Diddy Gets Shocked
0140=Crashes,Lanky Potion Light,Crashes
0144=DK Squished,Diddy Potion Light
0145-0146=Nothing Interesting
0147=Chunky Using Diddy's "Pick Me"
0149-014E=Nothing Interesting
0159=Crashes,Tiny '_'
015A=DK Bent Too Far And Sinks
015B-015C=Nothing Interesting
015D=Crashes,Lanky '_'
0160=Crashes,Lanky '_'
0161-0162=Nothing Interesting
0164=Crashes,Chunky Dances And Flips
0166=DK Is Weird
0169=Crashes,Tiny Is Weird
016E=Crashes,Lanky Dances,Tiny Potion Light
016F=DK One Helluva Guy?,Diddy Pulling Lever?
0174-0175=Nothing Interesting
0177=Crashes,Chunky This Kong's,One Hell Of A Guy!
017A=DKNT Stance
017D=Crashes,Tiny Rolling Stunt
017F=Nothing Interesting
Walking Attack
816E44DE 0xxx

Playing Instrument
816F05F6 0xxx
0E=Deadly Backflip

Chimpy Charge
816E494E 0xxx

Throwing Orange Bomb
816E2E3E 0xxx
42=Orange Special (LOL)

Walking Animation
816CDFC6 0xxx
04=Ice Skate Mode
05=Sorry,forgot how to Kong
0C=Wiggle Movement
1A=Long Walk
1E=Squishy Walking
29=Drown Walk
2A=Sinking Walk
2F=Walk Like Holding Barrel
32=Powerful Entity
33=Swim Walk
34=Swimstride Walk
35=Swimming Walk
36=DK Does The Worm,etc.
37=Swimstroke Walk
3A=Surface Swim-Walk
3B=Wet Walking
3D=Dog Paddle
3F=Attack Walk (actually kills enemies!)
42=Continuous Orange Glow Attack (kills)
44=Always Attacking (let me know if Chunky makes his helicopter noise constantly)
45=Kickslide Walking
48=Continuous Chimpy Charge As Anyone
49=Chimp Wall-king
4B=Forces You To Use Gun
5A=They Love Music
5B=Happy Dancing
5D=Loser Walking (Chunky is sad )
6A=Vine Climb Up Walk (funny)
6B=Vine Climb Down Walk (funny)
71=Tree Up Walking (funny)
72=Tree Down Walking (funny)
78=Ledge Walking (hilarious!)
86=Battle Stances
88=Potion Walk (too many freeze the game)
8A=Attention Whores
8B=Senpai Noticed Me!
8C=Not You
C4=Chunk Ate Bananas
CD=Chunky Scared
D6=Tiny Is A Seal!
D7=Diddy WTF?,Lanky Holds Arm
DB=Cjunky WTF?
E3=Tiny WTF?
E4=Tiny 0///0
E8=Same as title. (avoid using Lanky)

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Old 28th August 2014, 04:31 AM
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Outta time to find any more values for now.

I think these are sub-actions and actions+animations.

Edit:Back to find some more.

Edit2:Ran out of space for text,LOL!

More Walking Animation
816CDFCE 0xxx
03=Always Slow Walk
06=Idle Animations
2E=Unused Pushing???
46=Chimpy Charge (loops)
47=Diddy Minecart
48=Diddy MCart Jump
49=DD MCart Lean Right
4A-4B=DD MCart Crouch???
4D=DD Mcart Lean Left
4F=DK/Chunky MCart Wave
67=Crew Stances!!!
68-69=Thinking Stance?
6B-6C=Waiting??? DK Shyness
6D=Idle Juggling
6E=Standing Around?
6F=Lanky Runs,Others Motionless???
70=Lanky Walks,Others WTF? and Don't Shoot!
71=Diddy Wakes From Sleeping,Lanky WTF?,Tiny O_O,Chunky Don't Shoot!
72=DK Flopping His Foot
73=Scared Walking
74=Looking Around
75=Hands On Ground
76=Creepy Walking
78=Simian Slam/More Creepy Walking
79=DK Weird/Diddy Running
7A=DK Pulling Lever,Chunky Is Funny
7B=Diddy Slip Turn
7D-7E=Various Funny/Weird
7F=Diddy Taking Damage
81=Diddy Drowning
82=Diddy Taking Damage
83=Diddy Getting Up
84=Diddy Jump,Chunky WTF?
85=More WTF?
86=Even More WTF? Chunky Push-ups
87=WTF? Dammit Chunky! Stop Twerking!
88=Diddy Loss As Other Kongs
89=Lanky Idle Juggling?
8A=Swim Animation
8B=Ledge Movement
8D-8E=Diddy Barrel Anims
8F=Diddy Crouching
90=Diddy Crouch Movement As DK,Diddy Backflip
91=Diddy Swim/Ledges?
92=Various,Lanky Crouch Movement
93=DK Gun,Weird
94=DK Gun Jump,Lanky Used Bongos,Chunky
95=Look How Gayly Chunky Runs
96=Diddy Climbing Ledge
97=Vine Climbing
98=Adorably Sitting
99=Various,Chunky MCart
9A=Various,Lanky Drowning
9B=DK Gun,DD Final Neutral,Lkey Takes Damage,Tiny Diddy Roll,Chunky Sliding
9D=Diddy's Tail Whip,Kongs Posing
9E=Diddy's 2nd Tail Whip
9F=DD Airborne Tail Attack
A0=DD Bomb Throw
A2=Strange Walk Holding
A3=DK Rap Hands Rising
A4=...And Stronger Too,Rehearsed Arm Turn
A5=Various Diddy Anims (funny)
A6=He's Bigger...,Chunky Surprised
A7=...Faster,Lanky's Air Guitar,Chunky Doing Diddy's Dance!
A8=Ring Of Kong,DD Final Neutral Attack
A9=Squatting Pose,Chimpy Charge,Tiny '_'
AA=Hands Left And Right
AB=Bowing To Fungi Forest Boss (banned in UK release)
AC=Battle Pad Specific Character Stance
AD=Various,Chunky Dance In Weird Disposition
AE=Orangestand,Tiny Is Awesome,Chunky Funny Dance
B0=Various DD Anims As Others
B1=Various,Lanky OrangeWalk,Chunky Funny
B2=Various,Lanky OrangeRun,Chunky Don't Shoot
B3=DK Moving Attack,Others Injured Walk
B4=DK Airborne Attack,Others DK Roll
B5=DK Bomb Throw,Others Rising Hands
B6=Posing With Hands On Head
B7=Tiny's Flip Stunt
B8=DK's Head Slam
B9=DK's Fist Slam
BA=DK's Barrel Walking
BB=DK's Jump On Enemy
BC=Main Menu Barrel Anims,Chunky Dances With Banana
BD=Same as BC,Lanky Don't Shoot
BE=MM Barrel,Hit In Water
BF=MM Barrel Thrown,DD Push-ups,Lanky's Mid Walk,Tiny Push-ups,Chunky Imitate Pick Lanky
C0=How Did He Do That/He Can't Jump High,Lanky Potion
C1=DK Push-ups Hoard
C2=DK Push-ups Before One-Armed
C3=Lanky Looking,Others Weird
C4=Lanky Standing,Others Weird
C5=Lanky Losing Patience,Others Weird
C6=DK Worm,Others Swimstroke
C7=Somebody Vine
C8=Various Lanky Anims,Chunky Tornado
CA=Various,Lanky Juggling,Chunky Dances Like A Girl (Tiny)
CB=Various,Chunky Fails On Ring Of Kongs (Lanky)
CC=No Pictures,Lanky Balloon!!!
CD=Various,Lanky Balloon Moving
CE=Similar To CD
CF=GET OUT OF HERE!,Lanky *pfffft*
D0=Funny Walking,Lanky Balloon
D1=Lanky DK Crew Member Dance,Others Weird
D2=More Balloon,Others Don't Shoot (Lanky)
D3=Lanky???,Others Arms Behind Back (Lanky)
D4=???,Lanky Balloon
D5=Lanky Ring Of Kongs,Others Balloon O_O
D6=Fails ROK As Lanky,Lanky Rising Hands
D7=Arms Tensed
D8=Various Funny Lanky Anims
D9=Various,Chunky Does Lanky Crouching
DA=Diddy's DK Rap Pose
DB=Everybody Has Air Guitar
DC=Weird Knee Crouch
DD=Various Kewl Poses!
DE=After Rehearsed Arm Swipe
DF=Various Strange
E0=Diddy's Jetpack Spin Stunt
E1=Chunky's Ring Of Kongs
E2=Diddy's Jetpak On
E4=*clears throat* *takes breath*NEXT
E5=KONG FIST! (brofist)
E7=DK Bigger,DD PattyCake,Chunky Drank Tiny's Potion!
E8=DK MCart?,Diddy Not Picked,Chunky Mad Like Tiny
E9=Hey there
EA=DK Juggles,Others Diddy Jetpak,Chunky Aggravated
EB=DK Vogue,Others Awooga Face
EC=Kongs Are Banana Fairies
ED=Fall Off A Cliff???
EF=DK Tiny Pose?,Others Evil Entities
F0=Come Get Some
F1=Diddy's Jetpak
F2=Diddy's Jetpak Hover
F3=DK Holding Barrel
F4=DK Flopping His Foot As Anykong
F5=Various DK Hoard Scenes
F6=DK Slips Peel,Lanky Drank DK's Potion!,Tiny DK Banana Cheer,Chunky Bonks Head Like DK
F7=DK Swats At Kasplat,Others Drown Like DK
F8=Diddy Stomps Aztec Boss' Baby,Chunky Ow Stop It!
F9=Diddy Hops After Aztec Boss' Baby,Tiny Exhausted,Chunky Drowns?
FA=DK Pulls Lever,Diddy Gets Freed,Tiny...Has A Funny Face!
FB=Lanky Does DK Final Neutral,Chunky Drowns Like DK
FC=Chunky Gets Shocked
FD=Various,Diddy Is Shy
FE=DK Is Shy,Others Stiff
FF=DK Floaty,Others Stiff
This one is for faster walking?
It strangely causes different animations???

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Old 29th August 2014, 12:54 AM
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Last day until next week,can't get more until Monday.

Regretful edit:Not until Monday because of Labor Day related issues.

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Old 29th August 2014, 08:18 PM
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Found a breakthrough when toying with it on my Fire TV!

Neutral Attack Is Infinite Orange Glow Attack
816E4536 0042
816E4546 000C
This code makes it possible to cancel into the action multiple times since the 0C sub-action for standing allows more freedom.

Now animations that mention getting stuck may actually no longer get stuck.

Mashing B can make multple rings of power appear that can kill enemies!
You can even still hurt them with your body!

I might be able to create an auto-cancel code for DK64!!!

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Old 1st September 2014, 08:31 PM
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Found an interesting multiplayer color extra!

Try FB as your first choice!!!

P1 DK Multiplayer Current Color
8076A100 00xx
01=Tan/Purple Tie
02=All Blue
03=Orange/Yellow Tie
04=Rainbow Chrome???
05-07=More Rainbow Chrome
10=All Red
11=Purple/Blue Tie
12=Tiny Pants' Blue???/Yellow Tie
13=Super Oozaru/Green Tie
20=All Red/Dark Red Tie
21=Darker Blue/Brown Tie
22=Darker Yellow/Dark Blue Tie
23=Green/Red Tie (Christmas Colors!)
31-3F=Same as 01-0F
40=Red-Orange/Bright Shiny Pink Tie
41=Purple/Weird Red Tie
42=Tiny Pants' Blue/Dark Red Tie
43=Yellow/Rainbow Tie
50=Shiny Pink/Dark Red Tie
51=Half Shiny Pink,Normal/Brown Tie
52=Normal With Dark Blue Tie
53=Rainbow/Red-Orange Tie
60=Normal Again
61-6F=Same As 01-0F
70-7F=Same As 40-4F
80-BF=Various Rainbows
C0=Shiny Pink/Dark Red Tie
C1=Half Shiny Pink,Normal/Blue Tie
C2=Normal With Green Tie (Diddy and Others Alt Colors?)
C3=Rainbow/Purple Tie
D1=Tiny Pants' Blue/Purple Tie
D2=Green/Blue Tie
D3=Purple/Yellow Tie
E0=Red/Rainbow Tie
E1=Purple/Rainbow Tie
E2=Blue/Rainbow Tie
E3=Yellow/Rainbow Tie
F0=Rainbow/Dark Red Tie
F1=Rainbow/Brown Tie
F2=Rainbow/Dark Blue Tie
F3=Rainbow/Red-Orange Tie
FA=Normal With Dark Blue Tie
FB=Shaved DK!!! (TRY THIS ONE!)
Multiplayer Color (P2)
8076A101 00xx

Multiplayer Color (P3)
8076A102 00xx

Multiplayer Color (P4)
8076A103 00xx

Try other characters for different colors than DK's!

Edit:Sad news,they can be random,so you may not get the naked DK color when using FB.

In-Battle Colors (P1)
807552F6 xxxx
Same 00-FF as other code with random ones at higher areas.
You can now use 0100 and onward for even more colors!

In-Battle Colors (P2)
807541FA xxxx
I was both P1 and P2 as DK when finding these.

Battle Modes
807552EB 000x
0=Timed 0 Lives
1=0 Lives
2=Timed 0 Lives
3=Timed 0 Lives
4=Three Lives (Default)
5=Three Lives
6,7,8=Zero Lifes

HUD Visible
807552EF 000x

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Old 1st September 2014, 09:38 PM
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Start-up Skip (glitchy looking)
D0755314 0000
80755314 0003
D0755318 0000
80755318 0003
D075531C 0007
8175531C 0001
Allows you to skip all the waiting and go directly to the game starter.
Just keep pressing start until it gets there.
If you don't press start,you get a rather strange demo playback in the wrong area as Diddy underneath the ground,but can still hit start to skip it. LOL

Instant Demo Skipping
80755337 005A
Just hit start quickly after skipping DK Rap and you might not even see it appear!

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Old 2nd September 2014, 10:20 PM
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Walking animation and much more added!
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Old 4th September 2014, 03:22 AM
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One more code with a MASSIVE list of values!

Will do other 0100 values later.
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Old 4th September 2014, 04:18 AM
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Do one for skipping the Conker's Bad Fur Day intro!
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Old 4th September 2014, 05:50 AM
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Since Conker is a game made by Rare,I should have an easy time finding it.
Then again,a different branch of Rare worked on it than the ones who made the Banjo games and DK64.

DK64 is greatly similar to Banjo-Kazooie's coding style.
That's why there's action mods and animation mods for DK64 now.
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