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Old 31st October 2016, 05:21 PM
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Cool Cheat line limit for a single code?

I am on an older version because the memory viewer behaviour ruining it for me by closing on savestate loading.
(Dolphin allows savestate loading and even persists between game boot cycles upon ending the game and opening it again,though that memory viewer is built-in/staying visible anyway)

What's the limit because after a certain point of mass modifying Smash Bros. animation physics for one character (Hammerchu=Pikachu with constant hammer damage) and entering enough lines in the editor,PJ64 exits/crashes immediately.
But if I make another code for the remaining portion of the code,it works just fine.

If its not already applied in the latest version of PJ64,please add a typing limit for the max lines -1 to prevent the overload crash from happening,you press 0-9/A-F but it shall no longer type as a safety measure.

And as for the memory viewer,you could either go for that cheat fix (technically more accurate for Recompiler and better than relying on Pure Interpreter while also retaining Recompiler performance) and/or please bring back the old,more persistent behaviour of it so I won't have to re-open it on every savestate load.

How do I bring attention to this on github,what do I create?
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