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Default exe v1.7.0.17 posted

A new build of the .exe was posted by Zilmar last night to the beta downloads section. This fixes one of the worst crashes in the new app, the one where you couldn't load many ROMs in a session without it quitting. When a new build is posted always please click Current status for full details and remaining known bugs. This is one of those issues where it's interaction between app and plugin, so Jabo and Zilmar got together yesterday and solved that, thanks guys!

I think we may see new builds from Jabo soon? Jabo always has to be extremely careful due to the HLE nature of his video plugin not to break many things and cause us endless retesting! So I hope everyone can be understanding of the difficulties of his work and that it's quite different from Zilmar's.
site news:
Sorry the Chat is unreliable due to server problems, Gent's PC which hosted the IRC server was destroyed at the weekend in a freak water accident (ask him about that if he wants to talk about it). Radeonuser and Gent are doing their best to sort this out. Please bear with us and use member forum if chat isn't working.

I would like to echo what zilmar said below - many thanks all for your great feedback so far, we have already added some of your ideas to the ToDos, keep them coming. If we don't agree with something we'll just politely tell you why, don't be afraid to suggest things
A head's up that both Zilmar and Jabo are getting weighed down with their normal jobs so we could be entering a quiet period for a few weeks. hopefully they'll still manage to throw us something in this time and there is enough for people to be getting on with
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