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Default Ps4 Controller issues for Project64 2.3

Hey guys so I am trying to set up my ps4 controller to be used for project64 but having issues. I downloaded ds4windows and the controller is being recognized on my pc. However I configure my ps4 controllers button inputs on project64 then click use. When i click use i get this message.

No Mempack specified;please configure plugin

What does this mean? How do i fix this
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What plugin are you using?
Originally Posted by dsx! View Post
are you american or something
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I had the same issue with my p4 controller. Try using shunyuan's DirectInput plugin.

Here is the download site I used:


Also here is very informative video on how to actually get the new plugin working for you:


Once I had the plugin all setup and ready to go I was still having some minor
Issues that I solved by going back into the input configuration a couple times and hitting the "apply" button. Also for some weird reason it wanted to back to the default nrage plugin. It seems for me on a few games also had to actually somehow get past the title screen of the game by doing a "load state" from file menu and other games only "a" "b" and "start" buttons were only working, but once past title screen everything worked fine.
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