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Old 11th November 2017, 02:59 AM
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Default could use some assistance with my games on pj64 crashing.

as the title suggests, ive been having difficulty getting pj64 v to run properly, the issue is that my two most tested games Paper mario, and OOT keep crashing (by way of freeze), however there is no log for the issue as the file is completely blank.

for paper mario the current crash seems to be consistant, as the game freezes when i level up which happens at the same point, i don't believe its the rom as i tried a different emulator and had similar issues (although many more were common in that one) and the game seems to run perfectly fine at 60 fps and then just instantly freezes on that part.

for OOT it just seems to be random crashes, on the other emulator it crashes entering the first store in the game, on project 64 it runs pretty well (aside from graphical glitches that may or may not be in the game normally) but i still get some crashes at random times where it just shuts down, no errors, no logs, just nothing.

my guess is that perhaps its a memory issue of some sort, or something on the emulator itself being wierd/ set up wrong (although the settings are default). i do use cheats but not enough it should break the games (2-3 at a time) and those used are already on the emulator so it shouldnt be faulty code causing glitches, i did test and it does happen without the cheats as well.
also i have an older pc but i doubt that would cause it if the games are running fine to begin with.
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Old 12th November 2017, 05:04 PM
Flamesofshadow Flamesofshadow is offline
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apparently the issue with paper mario was that specific enemy in the one spot, i avoided it without any other changes and it worked fine since.

i still dont know why zelda ocarina of time still keeps shutting itself down randomly
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