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Question Mario Party 1 "Cast Aways" Glitch

So I was trying to play Mario Party 1 to prepare for a Let's Play, and for the most part, it worked fine, save for one or two graphical bugs. Then I played the minigame "Cast Aways." In this minigame, you cast your line by flicking the control stick to 3 different distances. While this works in the control test before the game starts, when I'm in the game, it acts as if I'm holding the control stick down and only goes the farthest distance. I'm using the RetroLink USB N64 replica controller on PJ64, using both the N-Rage Input Plugin v2 2.3c and Shunyuan's DirectInput 1.2.0 plugin. I have no idea what's causing this and I hope I can fix it soon.
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