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Question Stutter/freeze

Hey there, i couldn't find this particular problem so i decided to just open up a new thread for this.

Every time i launch project 64 my whole pc starts stuttering. its almost like freezing. the mouse moves very slow to none at all & the sound is robotic as well.
this is just for 10.15 seconds. after this everything runs fine.
This also happens after selecting a rom and going in or out of fullscreen mode.
I tried to install a different version of project 64 & different roms as well.
i also reinstalled windows because of a new MB but afterwards the problem was still there.

I am running windows 10.
16gb ram
fx8350 cpu & rx580 gpu if this maybe matters.

maybe i am using some wrong settings in project 64 itself? A few months ago it worked flawless. don't know what changed.
would be nice if someone has any suggestions
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Did it start happening at the same time you changed your MB?
Originally Posted by dsx! View Post
are you american or something
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freeze, start up, stutter

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